The Top 10 Best Non-profits to Work For

teach for america best non-profits to work for
Teach for America: BRG’s #1 Best Non-profit to Work For

Some people care less about how much money they make or what benefits are offered and care more about helping people and making a difference. The good news is that there are some non-profit organizations out there that recognize that sometimes it may not be feasible for somebody to take a significant cut in pay or benefits in order to do this. Many non-profits offer competitive pay and benefits to their employees to attract the best candidates possible and not require them to make major sacrifices in order to make a difference in the world. This list is part of our feature on The Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in the U.S.

Ranking the Best Non-profits to Work For

1. Teach for America

The top non-profit educational organization, Teach for America strives to change the current system under which poverty significantly impedes the education of children in impoverished circumstances. The pay and benefits are good and the scholarship opportunities for employees pursuing graduate degrees are many.

2. St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Employee satisfaction at this non-profit, donor funded, research hospital is high and why not? You spend your time making a difference in the lives of sick children. The pay and benefits are competitive with those of private medical institutions and employees enjoy the distinction of working in one of the premier research hospitals in the world.

3. The Mayo Clinic

This worldwide leader in medical care is devoted to bringing health services to those of all walks of life. The Mayo Clinic offers employees very good benefits and there is a family feel that is intentionally fostered within the organization where caring first for the needs of others means employees are cared for as well as patients.

4. Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project’s philosophy is “The greatest casualty is being forgotten.” The people working with this non-profit have devoted their lives for caring for wounded service members and making sure that doesn’t happen. The caring family atmosphere that is geared as much toward having fun with the warriors as it is serving them, can be an incredibly rewarding place to work.

5. Brighton Center

This non-profit located in northern Kentucky serves at risk families and children from the area. The pay isn’t as high as working with some non-profits, but the chance to help a family get back on their feet, or give hope to a child that has none is a fulfilling endeavour in and of itself for the right person. The caring, friendly atmosphere is something that also extends in employee relations and makes it a great place to work.

6. SightLife

Rated as one of the top non-profit companies to work for by the Non-Profit Times, jobs at SightLife are few and far between. Working to help restore people’s sight through the harvesting and banking of corneas is, according to employees, immensely rewarding. This small, tight knit family organization thrives on the family feel that it fosters among employees.

7. Alzheimer’s Association

In order to attract the highest caliber employees the Alzheimer’s Association offers pay and benefits competitive with the market value of the filled position. But what the institution is really about is helping individuals suffering from the disease, their family and friends cope with what they are going through, in addition to pioneering game changing research to hopefully diminish the impact of the disease and eventually cure it for good.

8. Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Community foundations are one of the fastest growing areas of philanthropy because they allow donors to target needs within specific communities with the goal of strengthening the community and building up a lasting legacy that will influence not just current generations, but future generations as well. GRCF does this very well and is considered one of the top 50 non-profit organizations to work for by the Non-Profit Times.

9. Natural Resources Defense Council

With offices around the world the NRDC strives to promote a healthy relationship between mankind and the environment. The offer competitive benefits and pay to for-profit organizations, but one of the best things about working here, is that you get to make a difference. Conserving the earth’s natural resources and cutting down on and eliminating pollution are necessary steps in making mankind’s existence on earth sustainable, and that’s what employees at the NRDC do every day.

10. Make-a-Wish Foundation of America

What better job could there possibly be than making dreams come true? How about making the dreams of terminally ill children that do not have much time left to live? Working for the Make-a-Wish foundation is described by many employees as one of the most fulfilling things they can think of doing. This non-profit organization truly is one of the best.

May 17, 2012