The Top 10 Masters in IT Management Degree Programs

In a time of great technological growth and innovation, it has become essential for corporations to find individuals well versed in the art of management and the unique challenges of the world of information technology. Individuals seeking to advancement in this field of management should consider Masters programs designed to mold them into the kind of IT managers companies are looking for.

Featured IT Management Degree Programs

Good programs approach the issue from both management and IT perspectives and seek to unite the two skill sets to produce individuals competent in both management and information technology. This is a list of the top ten online programs in IT management.

masters in it managementAll programs listed are accredited by reputable accrediting agencies. Programs are ranked based on various factors including the reputation of the institutions offering them, tuition, versatility and convenience. If you are looking for a program to suit your unique needs, there is a program out there for you, and chances are, it is listed here.

Top 10 Masters in IT Management Degree Programs

1. Colorado Technical University: Master of Science in Management- Concentration in Information Technology Management

The emphasis of this degree is on project management. Students will understand every facet of project management from conception to implementation and will be effective leaders throughout the process. If project management is what you do, or what you want to do, this program is well suited to your needs. Tuition is in the mid range at $28,080. For a program from an institution of this caliber this tuition is standard. In addition to the standard accreditation Colorado Technical University’s Management programs are accredited by the “Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center” making it one of only 31 universities offering programs with this distinction.

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3. Western Governors University: MBA- Information Technology Management

This program is geared toward those in the IT industry seeking to move into a management position and also those with experience in a variety of fields looking to apply management experience to the IT sector. People seeking the necessary skills to manage teams of professionals well and to understand the challenges and solutions facing IT management will fit well here. Western Governors University is highly respected by businesses in the field. They have a national advisory board consisting of various corporations that provide ongoing input to the university, including Google, Microsoft, and Oracle. In the case of WGU, highly respected, quality programs does not mean you will be faced with high tuition costs. The program costs about half as much as many others at $13,000 for the 24 month program and if you can complete the program faster, they offer an 18 month track that costs only $9,750. This is an incredible value and makes this degree a contender for anybody looking for a strong program for an affordable price.

4. Florida Institute of Technology: MBA- Information Technology Management Specialization

This degree encompasses all of the information for those seeking to be competitive in a corporate environment. Admissions requirements are not as stringent as many other universities of this caliber. The program takes a collaborative, hands on approach to addressing various challenges in the industry. The tuition is in the mid-high range at around $31,000, a solid investment for those looking for a competitive edge in the industry.

5. University of Maryland University College: MBA/Master of Science in Information Technology

This University of Maryland program is unique in that instead of just offering a single program, in IT management, they opted to give students the option to get their MBA and take three additional courses and receive an entire second Master of Science in Information Technology degree. This will add an additional $3500 on to an already expensive $49,000 program, but when you consider the benefits of finishing two Masters in nearly the same time it takes to finish a single program, it’s worth considering if you believe you can benefit from both degrees. In addition to the standard accreditation the University of Maryland University College has received specialized accreditation for its MBA program through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located in Lenexa, Kansas, USA.

6. Walden University: Master of Information Systems Management

Walden is on the forefront of mobile learning making class materials available via mp3, access the classroom via iPhone and more. The versatility of learning itself is good reason to consider this degree, especially if you are an on the go professional looking to pick up a Masters in your spare time. The program focuses on all the skills needed to manage a team in the design, integration and implementation of information systems. The tuition is low-mid at $26,300 and this includes the technology fees, and all required textbooks as they are made available digitally. Affordable tuition and a strong program with a learning experience designed to be as accessible and versatile as possible make this program worth considering.

7. Southern New Hampshire University: MBA In Information Technology Management

This program is a very strong option for anybody seeking a degree with wide applications in the field. SNHU was recently ranked as a Tier 1 University by US News and World report and has several awards for quality MBA and online programs. Average Tuition is between $21,000 and $26,000 putting this program in the low to mid range cost wise for a quality program.

8. Regis University: Master of Science in Information Technology Management

This is a well rounded program covering all essential aspects of IT management. The emphasis is on technology and its impact on every business operations with an eye for efficiency, ethics, security and other aspects of managing enterprise level technology. The program also covers the matter of evaluating emerging technologies to determine what impact they will have on the future of the industry. Tuition is in the low-mid range at $22,860. This combined with a program designed for flexibility and convenience make Regis University a good option for the working professional.

9. Strayer University: Master of Science in Information Systems- Multiple Management Concentrations

This curriculum offers a six different management specializations making it a good choice for anybody that knows exactly what they need to learn. While the six specializations offer a wide range of choices, the program also covers all the essential areas of information systems management. The program is geared specifically toward those with knowledge and experience pertaining to the field of Information Technology and Systems. Tuition is $2,490 per course. This program is a good choice if you are interested in one of the six specializations: Computer Forensic Management, Computer Security Management, Enterprise Network Management, Information Systems Management, IT Project Management, and Software Engineering Management.

10. Schiller International University: Management of Information Technology MBA

This program provides a wide ranging education in the management of information technology with an eye toward the challenges facing international corporations. The international focus is perfect for somebody wishing to advance to a high level in a global corporation. Many needs of international companies are unique and challenging. Schiller’s international focus sets it apart from many other programs. Tuition is in the low-mid range at $22,680 and the program can be completed in two semesters plus a summer session. Those looking for a quick leg up on the competition in an international context should pay special attention to this degree.

Popular Masters in IT Management Courses and Topics

Courses typically found in Masters of Information Technology Management programs include the following.

  • IT Strategy
  • Software Design and Integration
  • Management of Information Technology
  • Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Business Communications
  • Social and Ethical Issues of the Internet
  • Systems Security Management

Other names for Masters in IT Management

The Masters in IT Management is also often referred to as MS in IT Management, Masters in MIS, or MIS Masters.

Featured IT Management Degree Programs