How to Become a Hotel Manager

This article describes how to become a Hotel Manager, including skills, training, and education needed.

Despite the lackadaisical economy, one industry that continues to boom is tourism – specifically hotels. New hotels are seemingly opening on every corner, increasing the need for qualified hotel managers and personnel. As more hotels open, salaries are also increasing due to a shortage of qualified staff.

Hotel managers are in charge of the day-to-day operations of the hotel. Some small hotels have one manager who is responsible for all areas of the hotel. Larger hotels typically have a general manger who then hires other managers for independent departments of the hotel such as reservations, food services, housekeeping, conventions, weddings, etc.

how to become a hotel managerManagers can specialize in a specific area of expertise to showcase their leadership skills and their ability to delegate responsibility. Courtesy and efficiency within the position are highly valued.

Details about How to Become a Hotel Manager

Before deciding to attend school to specialize in hotel management, restaurant management, or hospitality, it is important to work in a hotel and make sure that it is a good fit. Some colleges provide work study opportunities that will allow one to gain experience within the hotel before completing a degree.

However, a degree is not necessary for most entry-level positions and can be optional for a manager as well if a strong record of success is shown over time within the industry. The ideal hotel manager would possess strong interpersonal, communication, computer, and organizational skills. They must also have traits such as professionalism, respect, great attitude, dedication, and be detail oriented.

Most hotels offer their own individual training and it is possible to be hired into a hotel without direct experience and move up over time. However, a degree can help with these skills and the transition up the hotel food chain.

Most aspiring hotel managers begin their career as front office manager, food manager, manager of convention services, or in the sales and marketing departments of a hotel. As one shows competency and success in a position they can achieve higher positions within the hotel organization. Being successful in a lower-level position can have many long-term career benefits. Promotions within a hotel may require relocation if the chain is nationwide. Depending on lifestyle, one may want to consider tourist destinations for more opportunities within this career field.

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Hotel managers must be prepared for long hours, working nights and weekends, and irate guests. Pay is based on experience, ability, performance of the employee as well as the caliber and number of rooms in the hotel. Urban areas typically pay more with moderate to luxury resort hotels paying hotel managers $40,000-$60,000 per year. A general manager of one of these large, upscale hotels can make $75,000-$250,000 per year. Most upper level managers do have a bachelors degree in hospitality, management, or business. However, in a small community, a hotel manager may make less than $30,000 per year. Location and size of the hotel are essential elements when determining base pay.

Summarizing How to Become a Hotel Manager

Not everyone dreams of living in a tourist destination, but if a tropical beach or snowy ski-slopes are appealing, numerous opportunities can await a budding hotel manager as the industry continues to grow. With this information about how to become a hotel manager, you’re well on your way to a successful career in this field.