How to Become a Wedding Planner

how to become a wedding plannerOrganized, calm, helpful, and love parties? You might have what it takes to be a phenomenal wedding planner or bridal consultant. Read on to find out how to become a wedding planner.

Due to today’s hectic lifestyle, brides are busier than ever and don’t have the time to worry about the numerous details that planning a wedding involves. To reduce stress and hopefully avoid becoming a bridezilla, many brides hire wedding planners to navigate all of the details necessary to plan their perfect day.

Wedding planners have very flexible schedules and typically begin their career by working out of their home. Much of the leg work is done via phone. Appointments at churches, reception venues, and with the bride-to-be, can be scheduled at convenient times. Being present on the wedding day is non-negotiable, so wedding planners must be willing to give up many of their weekends to their career.

Most wedding planners start their career in another profession that is utilized as part of the wedding – florist, travel agent, musician — and gradually moves into the role of wedding planner over time by helping friends or assisting brides at a church. After helping with a few weddings, it is then appropriate to begin offering services for a fee and documenting with photos to develop a portfolio of the work.

Once a few weddings are under the belt, then it is important to focus on the business aspects of a wedding planning career. A professional portfolio showcasing photos as well as the planner’s wedding background is vital. Business cards, brochures, and a professional website are also necessary to develop the business. Connecting with other wedding vendors, such as reception halls, caters, etc. can help to generate more referrals. Consider partnering with specific vendors for discounts on services if the bride chooses to utilize both services.

Each wedding has the potential to produce new business through word of mouth referrals. Consider offering the bride a referral credit for each new client received from her wedding. Over time, the value of the services will be proved through the number of referrals received. More experience and a solid reputation will help the business grow.
Wedding planner salaries vary widely. Some planners only make a few hundred dollars while others make $100K or more. Most wedding planners can expect to earn a low wage until they have established themselves in the community. Location is also a critical aspect as wedding planners in a rural area will almost always earn significantly less than those in urban locales.


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There is no national requirement or required certification to become a wedding planner or bridal consultant. There are many bridal consultant training courses offered both at local colleges and online that provide certification, but this is not necessary to be successful. There are numerous associations that a wedding planner can join that will provide support, information, and credibility. Also, a business license as well as an attorney to make sure that contracts are legal and binding would be valuable investments for those pursuing this career path.

Those with a business mindset who love coordinating the numerous aspects of weddings may find their dream job as a wedding planner. With this information about how to become a wedding planner, you’re well on your way.