Lead Generation

Sales Lead Generation

In business to business environments, a significant portion of sales are still a result of human to human contact. Increasingly, companies are outsourcing the generation of business sales leads generation and appointment setting as a way to free up their subject matter experts to work directly with interested prospective customers, rather than spending time cold calling and prospecting. Our editors evaluate and compare various lead generation and business appointment setting options, including webinar lead generation, white paper lead generation, software lead generation, call center prospecting, and more – in a variety of key industries and market segments. Sources of IT Sales Leads, HR Sales Leads, Healthcare Sales Leads are among the latest areas our editors are targeting.

Lead generation is a key way of growing sales. Outsourcing your sales lead generation to a third party means your sales team can spend more time with clients building the business, and less time on prospecting, cold calling, and the like.

What is business lead generation?

Business lead generation comes in many forms and serves many purposes. Business lead generation, sometimes referred to as B2B lead generation or B to B lead generation, promises to help companies grow sales cost effectively by providing varying level of qualified leads, at a pace that the company’s sales team can manage.

White paper lead generation, webinar lead generation, webcast lead generation, and software download lead generation are all valid and practical ways of generating business leads.

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