The Top 10 Best Healthcare Companies and Hospitals to Work For

everett clinic best hospitals to work for
The Everett Clinic: BRG’s #1 Best Healthcare Company to Work For

This industry is famous for long hours and high pressure, difficult work that requires a lot of education. For those that are qualified, however, there is much opportunity in the field as healthcare is a fairly recession-proof industry. Many of the top healthcare providers offer top of the line pay and benefits to attract the highest caliber employees available. This article is part of our feature on The Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in the U.S.

Ranking the Best Healthcare Companies and Hospitals to Work For

1. The Everett Clinic

A small family atmosphere at this physician owned clinic with an emphasis on employee appreciation and 100% health care coverage, the Everett Clinic really knows how to make its employees feel like family. Employees that have done something to stand out may receive a herogram which may entitle them to a day off or even some cash.

2. Scripps Health

On-site child care and fitness center are a couple of perks Scripps offers in addition to relatively standard benefits packages. The thing that really sets them apart is that they pay out large bonuses to employees based on patient satisfaction.

3. St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Company garden, subsidized tuition, and fully paid sabbaticals are nice perks of working here, but not the real reason anybody does. Employees derive a great sense of satisfaction out of working for this non-profit research hospital where families won’t pay a dime for the treatment their child needs.

4. Baptist Health South Florida

Offering an unbelievable array of benefits, BHSF has a track record of investing in its employees. Everything from the $26.5 million in matching contributions it put in to employee retirement funds in 2009, to the $176,000 it spent helping employees buy their first house. The loyalty this inspires is obvious in the 4% voluntary turnover which is incredibly low in this high turnover field.

5. Novo Nordisk

This company that specifically caters to the health concerns and treatment of diabetics is focused on changing lives. The benefits for employees are extensive with many optional programs of which to take advantage. These include adoption assistance, and every sort of insurance from health, travel and life insurance to pet insurance. A credit union and strong 401k plans are also part of the offerings.

6. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Employees here are treated well and the upper management makes sure to show their appreciation for all of the work. Strong benefits, competitive pay and basic perks make this a great place for those that want to make a difference in the lives of children, a satisfying and fulfilling occupation in and of itself.

7. Atlantic Health

Atlantic Health recognizes that sometimes it’s the little things that help employees get through a stressful situation and thus commonly offers acupressure sessions for those going through a stressful time. They also offer fantastic benefits with a wide array of options for those in every stage of life and every sort of need.

8. Mayo Clinic

Incredibly low voluntary turnover and 25% of their staff has been there for over 15 years are both good indicators that employee satisfaction at the Mayo Clinic is high. A standard array of competitive benefits and employee appreciation initiatives no doubt contributes to the satisfaction of those working at this non-profit research institution.

9. Meridian Healthcare

Competitive pay and a strong benefits package contribute to employee satisfaction. The company is committed to competent management and employee satisfaction through striving for excellence in every aspect of their services and interactions with the patients and guests.

10. Ohio Health

Strong benefits packages and competitive pay aren’t enough when it comes to Ohio Health. They also find ways to surprise employees with gift cards and other small favors to brighten their day and thank them for the work they do.

About the Author

Susan Montgomery, editor of the website Prerequisites for Nursing, contributed to this article.

May 17, 2012