The Top 10 Best Technology Companies to Work For

is facebook a good company to work for
Facebook: BRG’s #1 Best Technology Company to Work For

Tech companies have become known for offering not only high pay and benefits for skilled positions, but amazing perks as well. Many of these companies are in a tough place right now in terms of finding skilled individuals qualified for their openings. Many have thousands or hundreds of thousands of applicants and still find themselves importing employees due to a lack of skilled tech professionals in the market. This means that there is a premium for highly skilled employees based out of the United States. This article is part of our feature on The Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in the U.S.

Ranking the Best Tech Companies to Work For

1. Facebook

Social Networking and Media

In just eight years facebook has gone from being an upstart social networking website to receiving one of the highest IPO valuations in history. Many of its original employees and even employees starting as recently as 2007 stand to become multi-millionaires. The company offers competitive salary and top notch perks including free meals and fully stocked pantries on campus, subsidized public transportation and free company provided transportation to headquarters. New family enjoy benefits such as 4 months paid leave for new parents, $4,000 dollars in “baby cash” for new parents and new adoptive parents and reimbursement for daycare. Facebook offers 21 days of paid vacation, 11 company recognized holidays, and sickdays for when you need them. If all that wasn’t enough, the company also pays 100% of health insurance premiums and boasts state of the art fitness facilities at HQ and subsidized gym memberships for employees working elsewhere. Facebook is by far one of the top companies in the world to work for, offering perks and benefits that go far above and beyond those offered by most companies and rivaling the legendary offerings from companies like Google.

2. Microsoft

Software and Computer/Mobile Operating System Development

Microsoft takes care of its employees. Fully paid sabbaticals, incredible benefits (including 100% health coverage) subsidized gym memberships to make up for the lack of an on site fitness center, and similar perks to those of other major tech firms. All of this and the pay is still a good deal higher than average.

3. SAS Institute

Software Development

The commitment of SAS to its employees is unparallelled. They subsidize montessori child care, they have free health services, unlimited sick time, subsidized gym memberships. This is definitely a company that recognizes the value of their employees and isn’t afraid to let it show. With only 118 openings and over 60,000 applicants, they can have their pick of the cream but once the job is secured, employees receive the royal treatment.

4. Intuit

Software Development

The makers of the Turbo Tax software take steps to involve their employees in every aspect of the business. There is a formal rotation program and there are regular brainstorming sessions involving employees of all levels. There is four hours of unstructured time per week for employees to use to work on pet projects. Strong benefits and a good applicant-opening ratio makes this company a strong choice for those looking for a career in the tech world.

5. Adobe

Software Development

Adobe has great benefits and strong pay even for a tech firm. The most common non-salaried position is Executive Assistant 5 and that job clocks in at 92,000/year while the average pay of Computer Scientist 3, Software development, the most common salaried employee is a little over 10,000/year above that. Fully paid sabbaticals help employees maintain balance in a fast paced, results oriented field.

6. Intel

Hardware Development and Manufacturing

New employees at Intel are told “welcome to your next five jobs”. Employees move positions every 18-24 months, learning a variety of aspects of the trade. Fully paid sabbaticals, on site fitness center and many other perks and benefits make Intel a great place to be employed.

7. World Wide Technology

IT Services and Equipment Provider

This successful IT firm maintains that all of its success is due to its employees. The company offers competitive pay and very good benefits. The real hallmark though is the profit sharing program. The company will up its profit sharing rewards based on the company’s performance. For instance, in 2010, profit sharing rewards were doubled.

8. Qualcomm

Mobile Telecommunications Technology Development

A campus loaded with amazing perks and elaborate recreational facilities combines with a benefits package that includes 100% health insurance premium payment. Strong Tuition Reimbursement plans, 401k, adoption assistance, generous vacation accrual and an employee stock purchase plan.


Domain Name Hosting and Services

This domain name hosting and solutions company offers employees strong benefits and competitive pay as well as a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere. Insurance benefits are extensive and generous plans covering medical, dental, vision, life, and short or long term disability. The have expense saving programs that include transportation management, professional development and tuition reimbursement, subsidized lunches, beverage services, flex spending accounts for health care, dependent care flex spending accounts and adoption assistance. also offers strong policies of personal time off, vacation days, holidays, sick time and parental leave. There is a great care at the company for the health of their employees and thus they have extensive employee health initiatives. is a company that likes to celebrate success and does so in a few different ways; from their Go Daddy Cares community service initiatives, company parties, picnics and team build, to formal recognition events that single out exceptional employees, this company works hard and plays hard and most of all, it values its employees.

10. Hitachi Data Systems

Data Storage

Very competitive pay and strong benefits set HDS apart from many other companies, with some of the highest paid average salaried and non-salaried positions in the in the industry. The voluntary turnover is lower than the industry average and like many technology companies, it continues to grow despite the recession.

May 17, 2012