Best Online Screenwriting and Playwriting Degree Programs

If you’ve always had a knack for writing, but never had the inclination to sit down and draft a completed novel; then perhaps screenwriting or play-writing is your ideal career. If you’ve ever watched some of the inanity broadcast today and told yourself, “I could write something more interesting than that”, perhaps now is the time to start investigating the best online degrees in Screenwriting & Playwriting.

The Internet has rapidly evolved as an intrinsic part of everyday life; now greater numbers of people are graduating from the top online Screenwriting & Playwriting programs from colleges and universities. If you’re interested in learning more about these fully recognized and accredited Screenwriting & Playwriting programs, read on.

About the Best Online Degrees in Screenwriting & Playwriting

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Screenwriting & Playwriting

If you’re interested in pursuing screenwriting as a major, you need to know what type of courses the best online undergraduate degrees in Screenwriting & Playwriting have to offer. Since a Screenwriting course is so focused on practical writing alongside the theory, the online format is the perfect medium for introductory level study. To achieve a BS in Screenwriting & Playwriting, one must undertake courses in a number of different areas, including character development, stage direction, genre writing and awareness of the creative market. The majority of online bachelor’s in Screenwriting & Playwriting programs also offer intensive study in screen adaptation, critical theorizing, and writing for different media markets.

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Online Master’s in Screenwriting & Playwriting Programs

When pursuing an online master’s in Screenwriting & Playwriting programs, a very specific and advanced skill set is required. By the time you are awarded with your MS in Screenwriting & Playwriting, you will have learned a variety of vital industry skills, and picked up numerous media contacts. You will be proficient in visual analysis, film development and narrative structure. Your knowledge will encompass a wide variety of topics, leaving you fully capable of thriving in this competitive field. From proficiency when dealing with financial and legal issues, to maintaining creative control over directors and agents; the best online master’s in Screenwriting & Playwriting will prepare you for entering the exciting world of professional dramatics. Career possibilities are not limited to the writing desk – professional screenwriters or playwrights often move on to directorial positions or production responsibilities after several years in the industry.

Choosing the Best Online Screenwriting & Playwriting Degree

Screenwriting is one of the most rewarding, yet competitive careers in the USA. It’s vital that potential students investigate good schools from which to attain their degree. A qualification from a reputable institution will open doors at every level of the industry. For the best online degrees in Screenwriting & Playwriting, it’s advisable to check out the Screenwriting & Playwriting degree rankings. This will provide a great indicator as to which schools have the highest satisfaction rating among students, as well as the colleges with the greatest percentage of employed graduates in their chosen field of study. Careers for Screenwriting & Playwriting graduates are some of the most diverse in the industry; ranging from script editors and consultation, to distribution and production. If you’ve got the urge to channel your creativity into your career, don’t hesitate to find out more. A qualification in Screenwriting & Playwriting may be your calling.

Top Featured Screenwriting and Playwriting Programs

1. Grand Canyon University – BA – in Digital Film with an Emphasis in Screenwriting
2. Southern New Hampshire University – BA – Creative Writing – Screenwriting
3. Southern New Hampshire University – MA – English and Creative Writing – Screenwriting
4. Full Sail University – BFA – Creative Writing for Entertainment