The Best Online English Degree Programs

Many students wonder how they can obtain the best online degrees in English. This is not surprising because there are many online accredited English degree programs that offer students many job opportunities as a writer, a researcher, or a teacher. Many of these top online English programs are offered by accredited colleges and universities that offer students flexible schedules, small class sizes and challenging courses that can help you develop your ability to think critically.

Featured English Degrees

1. Ashford University – BA – English
2. Ashford University – BA – Applied Linguistics
3. Grand Canyon University – BA – English Literature
4. Southern New Hampshire University – MA – English

As a result, obtaining an English degree online can open many doors to jobs that require the ability to think critically. To see what we mean, let’s explore what it takes to earn an English degree online.

A Guide to the Best Online English Degree Programs

Online Undergraduate English Degrees

top online english degree programs

The best online undergraduate English degrees require students to master grammar and writing skills that can help students convey written information to people efficiently. As a result, it’s not surprising that the best online bachelor’s in English programs require students to complete their major requirements by taking at least one course devoted to English grammar and at least eight courses that develop a student’s writing skills. Completing these courses in necessary to complete a BS in English because it helps students develop the writing and analytical skills needed to obtain employment as a writer or a researcher.

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Online Master’s in English Programs

The best online master’s degrees in English build upon the writing skills developed in undergraduate English programs. Therefore, students who wish to complete online master’s in English programs can expect to learn advanced research and writing methods that are used to analyze language and literature. Moreover, students who are interested in completing a thesis as part of the degree requirements for a MS in English are expected to conducting original research about a topic that is related to the study of English literature, English composition, or the English language. Learning these skills is vital because it provides graduate students the skills they need to become an accomplished teacher, scholar, or writer. As a result, students who wish to obtain an advanced degree in English can also expect to complete high-quality work that shows a higher degree of scholarship than is expected from students who obtain their first degrees in English.

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Choosing the Best Online English Degree

Students who would like to obtain the best online degrees in English should look for good schools located in the USA that rank high in the latest online English degree rankings offered by major news magazines. This is the case because online schools that rank high in these ratings offer students a reputable curriculum, a flexible schedule and many opportunities to interact with fellow students and teachers. Searching for these online schools is important because it can help you develop the analytical and social skills needed to find gainful employment once you’ve complete your English degree. Therefore, be sure to search for online schools that have these traits to ensure that your journey towards an online degree in English is successful.

Featured Online English Degrees

1. Grand Canyon University – BA – English Literature
2. Ashford University – BA – English
3. Ashford University – BA – Applied Linguistics
4. Southern New Hampshire University – MA – English

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