The Best Online History Degree Programs

The best online degrees in history are those with rigor comparable to traditional on-campus programs. Completing a history degree indicates that a successful graduate has detailed knowledge of past events and their implications for the present.

Featured History Programs

Many colleges and universities prepare history majors for careers in teaching, research, consulting and public service. Some graduates from top online history programs are admitted to prestigious law schools. Others go on to post-graduate work in diverse fields such as information management, political science and archive preservation. Accredited history programs from online schools normally include coursework in research methods, historical writing and applied critical thinking. Some advanced online history degrees may also require a thesis project just as with comparable on-campus programs.

About the Best Online History Degree Programs

Online Undergraduate History Degrees

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Many students obtain a BS in history before going on to graduate studies and earning a master’s or PhD. The best online history degrees prepare undergraduates for these advanced programs in the major while still affording them the flexibility to complete coursework while holding full-time jobs. Most online bachelor’s in history programs give enrolled students access to a site with submission portals for assignments, forums for class discussions and links to assigned reading materials. Some schools place all materials for these courses entirely online, though a few may have offline requirements such as proctored final exams at a specific testing site.

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Online Master’s in History Programs

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Earning an MS in history is a prerequisite for many jobs in areas such as government research or archive management. The best online master’s degrees in history are those from colleges with good track records of placing recent graduates in internships or entry level job positions. These history programs also afford the top students opportunities for fellowships or other types of grant awards. Some online master’s in history programs
focus on specific topics such as military or cultural studies, giving graduates high levels of expertise in these areas.

Featured History Programs

Choosing the Best Online History Degree

Many colleges’ history degree rankings are based on graduation rates and faculty credentials. Some of the best online history degrees are from reputable brick-and-mortar colleges that attract highly qualified professors. These schools have added an online degree alternative to attending traditional classes. In many cases, students are able to complete their history degrees without ever stepping on a campus. Good schools with these online components do not sacrifice quality of instruction and expect the same level of commitment from online students. A number of these history programs are even open to scholars who reside outside the USA, although a few different rules may apply to them regarding tuition or transfer credits.