The Best Accredited Online Reading and Literacy Degree Programs

Have you always wanted to share your passion for reading with others? Do you want to give back to your community? Are you too busy with work or family obligations to attend traditional classes? Accredited reading and literacy programs are waiting to help you. Today’s universities offer distance learning programs so you can complete your entire degree on your schedule. The best online degrees in literacy and reading want to work with you so you can work for your community. Colleges have staff dedicated to helping you find financial aid, navigate courses and complete your degree without having to leave your home. Top online reading and literacy programs want to prepare you for a career as a teacher or community educator. Take the first step towards your new career and contact these programs today.

About the Best Online Degrees in Reading and Literacy

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Reading and Literacy

Online bachelor’s in reading and literacy programs prepare students to work as an education consultant, community educator or to earn licensure as a teacher. You can learn skills to help non-native English speakers, children from poor neighborhoods, or adults who dropped out of high school. The best online undergraduate degrees in literacy and reading let you take classes for each of these goals, so you can see which specialization is best suited to your personality. Courses will include educational leadership, curriculum development, teaching strategies, assessing literacy and adult education. A BS in literacy and reading can cover many different areas and it may be possible to earn a second major, depending on how you choose to specialize and your career goals.

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Online Master’s in Reading and Literacy Programs

Teachers with a bachelor’s in English or an Education-related field may choose to specialize in literacy and reading to earn additional pay or open up new career opportunities. Many school districts offer a pay raise for teachers with master’s degrees. An MS in reading and literacy can enhance an elementary school or English teacher’s abilities, or prepare a teacher to transition to teaching adult learners or immigrants. Online master’s in literacy and reading are designed with working professionals in mind. The best online master’s degrees in reading and literacy are part-time programs that last two years, so students can continue to work full-time while studying online.

Choosing the Best Online Reading and Literacy Degree

Finding a reputable program can be challenging, especially if you’ve never attended college before or aren’t comfortable with using the internet. Libraries and online sources offer reading and literacy degree rankings, so you can easily compare programs. A librarian would be happy to help you find the latest rankings for schools in the USA, and can probably review them with you. Keep in mind that good schools may not have the absolute highest rankings, but try to find out why each program earned its ranking. A program might have a low ranking due to low graduation rates because it accepts students with low GPAs, or because the program is very rigorous and not student-friendly. The best online degrees in reading and literacy will have admissions staff who can answer all of your questions. Don’t be afraid to reach out today.