The Top 10 Best Companies for Working from Home and Remote Employees

deloitte 100 best companies to work for 2012
Deloitte: BRG’s #1 Best Company for Working from Home/Remote Employees

With the cost of commuting at an all time high telecommuting and telework have become a very attractive option, especially for the new generation of workers entering the workforce. Some companies offer attractive opportunities where much of the work can be done from a distance. Companies are learning to trust their employees and that people are often more efficient working from home than in the office and cutting down on the time and cost of commuting makes things run more smoothly and efficiently overall. This list is part of our feature on The Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in the U.S.

Ranking the Best Companies for Working from Home and Remote Employees

1. Deloitte

This auditing, tax and financial advisory firm allows the majority of their employees to telecommute a majority of the time. Some employees telecommute close to 100% of the time. At Deloitte 86% of employees are regular telecommuters which means they telecommute more than they physically commute.

2. Cisco

This IT technology giant has developed many of the systems that make telecommuting possible and they are strong believers in the technology. 85% of employees are regular telecommuters and there are certain jobs that are nearly 100% telecommuting. The benefits are fantastic and the company subsidizes the internet and phone bills of regular telecommuters.

3. Intel

Intel doesn’t offer any jobs that are 100% telecommuting, but the company is committed to offering the telecommuting option to employees that wish to take advantage of it to make their schedules as flexible as possible. 82% of employees do this, it gives working parents a great option if child care falls through. The benefits Intel offers are strong and the environment is one in which it is expected that everybody is interested in learning everybody else’s job and so every 18-24 months you can expect to be learning a new aspect of the process.

4. Accenture

Accenture has many employees that are 100% telecommuters. This corporate consultancy firm has a track record of advising clients to trust employees with flex schedules and telecommuting options and it models this in its own structure and methods. Accenture offers great benefits, especially for working mothers and the telecommuting option just makes this an even more attractive option.

5. Teach For America

Obviously teaching typically happens in person, but at Teach for America, the non-teaching positions by an large offer a telecommute option. For instance, director of digital marketing. The benefits are good, you help improve the education of Children and bring them hope, and you can do so from the comfort of your house. Granted, the teachers are the stars of Teach for America, but if that’s not your cup of tea, there are still many ways you can be involved, and many of those ways involve telecommuting.

6. Pricewaterhouse Coopers

This global consulting firm would be remiss if it didn’t offer telecommuting and indeed PWC offers some strong options. However it should be noted that because they are a global consulting firm, almost none of their positions are all telecommuting as, many of their positions require extensive travel.

7. Brocade Communications Systems

This networking technology firm is develops networking infrastructure solutions. One of the solutions is how to effectively telecommute and at least 50% of their employees telecommute more than 20% of the time and there are many positions that are majority telecommuting positions.

8. S.C. Johnson & Son

Most of the telecommuting options at S.C. Johnson & Son are in the marketing and accounting departments. They don’t release specific details about their telework options because they consider it a part of their competitive advantage but a strong 40% of their employees telecommute over 20% of the time and it is implied that there are some positions where the majority of work is via telecommunication.

9. Stryker

This medical device developer and manufacturer is one of the top companies in the country to work for in addition to offering telework options when possible. Some positions allow for more telework than others but at least 38% of employees are able to telecommute 20% of the time, some positions allow for more, some less, but the benefits and pay are competitive across the board.

10. American Fidelity Assurance

This insurance provider has a track record of employee fidelity that few companies can boast. 18% of employees have been with the company for more than 20 years. Salary and benefits are competitive and the company is working on offering extensive telework options to attract a new generation of employees.

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