The Best Online Training Degree Programs

Completing one of the top online training programs will give business professionals an advantage in helping their organizations stay ahead of competitors. Technology and globalization have created a need for continuing education and development in many different industries, and the best online degrees in training serve to fill that demand. Corporate educators with credentials from accredited training programs are able to stay on top of the latest industry trends and create development seminars for employees to work with these trends as productively as possible. Some corporate training degree programs are available at traditional on-campus universities, but many students choose to earn one of these degrees from online colleges due to busy work schedules.

Top Featured Training Programs
1. Northcentral University – MEd – Global Training and Development
2. Jones International University – MEd – Global Training and Knowledge Management

About the Best Online Degrees in Training

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Training

Corporate training is a relatively new specialty that affords professionals the opportunity to lead a company’s employees through continuing education programs relevant to their industry. Some experienced managers choose to pursue a BS in training in order to communicate their knowledge to employees as effectively as possible. Some of the best online undergraduate degrees in training prepare dedicated graduates for new career roles as educators in the business world. These corporate trainers are able to tailor their development programs to different companies’ long-term goals. Much of the curriculum in online bachelor’s in training programs focuses on advanced communication skills, good presentation techniques and the characteristics of different individuals’ learning styles. Some students in this major find that foreign language courses give them an advantage due to the global nature of business.

Online Master’s in Training Programs

Many of the best online master’s degrees in training prepare graduates for executive positions such as chief knowledge officer or chief learning officer. An MS in training gives these professionals the skills to create flexible and in-depth employee education and development programs for a range of organizations. High quality online master’s in training programs include coursework in performance improvement strategies, technology implementation and methods for tracking the results of a continuing education program. Many corporate trainers with this advanced degree are able to find job opportunities in private businesses, government agencies or non-profit organizations.

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Choosing the Best Online Training Degree

The training degree rankings of different schools and online programs depend on the breadth of the course material, the professional backgrounds of the instructors and how well graduates are able to apply their new knowledge to their chosen career fields. A number of the best online degrees in training require coursework in project management, team building methods, employee assessment and customer relations management. Some of these programs at good schools also have elective courses in foreign languages, international business practices and various safety regulations as applied to specific industries. Reputable online training degree programs often employ faculty who have several years of experience as corporate trainers themselves. Many of these online degree programs accept applicants from the USA and from other countries.