The Best Online Engineering Management Degree Programs

With a focus on the application and use of engineering principles in business, the emerging field of engineering management blends engineering and management theory and practice. For engineers looking for a new career path, or newcomers to the field, accredited degree programs in engineering management are available from a number of private colleges and public universities in the United States. The best online degrees in engineering management offer both theoretical study and practice in the field, and these top online colleges support graduates with career guidance and job placement.

Top Featured Engineering Management Programs
1. Drexel University Online – MS – Engineering Management
2. Gannon University – MS – Engineering Management
3. Grantham University – BS – Engineering Management Technology – Military

About the Best Online Degrees in Engineering Management

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Engineering Management

On the undergraduate level, students can obtain either an associate of science, or a bachelor of science degree in engineering management. The best online undergraduate degrees in engineering management are offered in online form by prestigious traditional colleges such as Duke University, as well as dedicated online schools such as Grantham University. The online bachelors in engineering management includes courses in general engineering principles and practices, as well as studies in business and management strategies that prepare graduates for either further study on the graduate level or for employment as project managers and planners for projects ranging from construction and planning to safety initiatives in the private and public sectors. A major for the BS in engineering management might also include a focus on a particular engineering field, such as civil engineering.

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Online Master’s in Engineering Management

The best online masters degrees in engineering management combine formal training in sciences with advanced management practices to prepare students for higher level responsibilities. The MS in engineering management can either focus on management and business practices for those with an undergraduate degree in engineering, or include engineering coursework that complements the management focus of the degree. Students in these programs prepare for jobs as advisers and managers in a variety of corporate and government sponsored construction projects, as well as in the planning of environmental initiatives. The online masters in engineering management can prepare students either for work in the private and public sectors, or for further study on the PhD level.

Choosing the Best Online Engineering Management Degree

Finding good schools that offer the best online degrees in engineering management is only the first step on the road to a degree. Many online education portals offer detailed descriptions of degrees and course offerings, including engineering management degree rankings, and the school’s accreditation status. The most reputable online degree programs are those with accreditation, a long history of academic excellence, and those offered by well-known traditional institutions. Thanks to the explosive growth of online education in the USA, attending a school offering the best online degrees in engineering management is within nearly everyone’s reach.