Best Degree for a Counseling Career

Becoming a counselor requires the ability to help people work through their problems and lead more-fulfilling lives. The field is centered on professional ethics and government regulations, so choosing the best degree from the start is important. Whether a student needs a Bachelor of Arts degree in Counseling to gain entry-level employment or a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling to open an independent practice, a good degree from one of the nation’s accredited schools can open substantial career opportunities. With a bit of research, finding excellent degree programs related to counseling can be simple and rewarding.

Details About the Best Degrees for Counseling

Undergraduate Degrees for a Career in Counseling

Students interested in a counseling career typically start with a relevant bachelor’s degree. Some of the best undergraduate degrees include the B.S. in Psychology, the B.A. in Human Services, and the Bachelor of Public Administration. These degrees expose women and men to empathy and listening skills, human growth and development theories, personality disorders, substance abuse issues, conflict management techniques and individual and group therapies. Good bachelor’s degrees prepare students with the academic knowledge, hands-on skills and career planning essentials that they need to pursue more education and obtain better-paying jobs.

Master’s Degrees for Counseling

Virtually all states require a person to hold a graduate degree to become certified in the counseling field. Choosing the best master’s degrees begins with a look at career goals. The M.A. in Counseling or the Master in Counseling Psychology are good master’s degree programs for basic therapy, substance abuse counseling and marriage and family therapy. At the same time, an M.Ed. in Counseling is a better choice for individuals focusing on student success intervention or academic counseling. In either regard, students learn about topics such as assessment and treatment planning, behavior modification, therapeutic invention and the ethical issues regarding research and practice.

Online Degrees for Counseling

Because they have so many obligations, today’s adult learners demand flexibility and convenience. The top online degree programs cater to student needs while delivering quality, career-building knowledge. In most cases students can choose whether to attend full-time, part-time, year-round or as life permits. Courses typically combine videos, online chats, asynchronous bulletin board discussions and textbook reviews into a well-rounded learning environment. For students on a certification track, the best online degrees for counseling contain brief, in-person practicum events so men and women can practice their skills and gain valuable connections within the industry.


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