The Best Online Educational Counseling Degree Programs

Experts predict as much as a 25% growth in jobs within the area of educational counseling by the year 2020, which makes this area an excellent choice when considering what type of degree to strive for. Educational counselors, also known as guidance counselors, assess students’ interests and strengths and offer the students advice on programs and services they may benefit from. At the elementary level, counselors help determine developmental issues and special needs, and at the high school level counselors evaluate the students’ career aspirations and help students reach their goals. Usually a master’s degree from an accredited college or university is needed to become an educational counselor, as well as professional certification within the state you wish to work. You can expect to take courses in human development, social psychology, counseling theory and methods, social and cultural foundations, and data analysis, among others. Accredited programs of many colleges and universities offer online study, and we will discuss the top online educational counseling programs as well as the best online degrees in educational counseling below.

Featured Programs
1. Kaplan University – MS – Educational Psychology
2. University of West Alabama – MSCE – Guidance and Counseling

Best Online Educational Counseling Degree Programs

Bachelor’s in Education Counseling

Before considering a master’s degree with educational counseling as your major, you must first earn your Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited program. An accredited program is one that meets certain requirements and standards and provides learners with a good, quality education. There are many accredited online bachelor in educational counseling programs to choose from, and the courses you can expect to take range from your basic core classes to many different psychology and education courses. The University of Wisconsin has been recognized as a top school in counseling and provides online study. Capella University, Walden University, and Argosy University are among the top schools for online degrees in psychology and education, making them excellent choices for your BS in educational counseling.

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Master’s in Educational Counseling

Some of the best online master’s degrees can be earned at Kaplan University, University of Wisconsin, Capella University, Liberty University, and Argosy University. In order to be accepted into a master’s program, you must first have earned your bachelor’s degree, preferably in the area of psychology or education. An MS in educational counseling will feed your desire to help children and provide you with a thorough understanding of counseling students and children, paving the way for your continued success within this field.

Finding good schools in the USA, or even abroad, to earn a BS or MS in educational counseling online is not a difficult task as there are many reputable, accredited programs available to you. Although we mentioned the best online degrees in educational counseling, such as one from Kaplan University or Capella University, there are many more to choose from and they can be found by searching online. Be sure to look for accredited programs that meet your needs. Considering the growth that is expecting within this field, and if you love working with and genuinely care about children and students of all ages, you may want to consider striving for a career in educational counseling, and achieving that online is now easier than ever.