Best Medical Transcription Services in Ohio

About the Best Medical Transcription Services in Ohio

It is often more cost effective to outsource medical transcription services than to hire a full or part-time employee to transcribe records. Because Ohio law requires that medical providers keep Medicaid and Medicare records for at least six years, many healthcare providers in Ohio have turned to using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to eliminate problems associated with storing paper records. Many firms define themselves as a top medical transcription provider, so some research is necessary to find the best medical transcription service for your practice.

EMR Compatibility

The transcriptionist you choose may depend on the electronic medical record system you have in place. Finding an Ohio medical transcription service that is familiar with your EMR system should shorten the time it takes them to perform the service. To find a compatible independent medical transcriptionist or a service, a consultation is advisable. Qualified medical transcriptionists are trained in a variety of Electronic Medical Records systems.

HIPAA Compliance

One of the most important considerations when choosing a medical transcription service in Ohio is the safety of your patients’ protected health information. During the initial interview, you can ensure that the service provider is in HIPAA compliance and that all documentation is kept confidential. Be sure to have a confidentiality agreement ready to be signed by your chosen transcriptionist. HIPAA guidelines require that the delivery method is secure so your patients’ information is not compromised. The medical transcription service you choose should be able to provide information the security of your data within their network as a way of indicating HIPAA compliance.

Other Factors in Choosing the Best Medical Transcription Services in Ohio

As you compare medical transcription services, there are several additional factors to consider. The most important consideration for many small medical offices is the cost of the service. An affordable service is important, but reliability is also a key concern. An inexpensive service that is not fast and accurate will cost your office more money because you will have to have the errors corrected. Make sure your final choice is able to use the delivery method that you prefer and that their system is compatible with yours. Most medical transcription services in Ohio are able to receive your dictation via smartphone or by a digital download.

To recap, finding the best medical transcription service in Ohio is a matter of ascertaining HIPAA compliance, EMR compatibility, and cost and speed alignment with your needs as a healthcare provider.