How Long Does It Take To Earn an Executive MBA?

Executive MBAIf you are thinking about enhancing your business career by returning to school for Master’s degree, you might be wondering how long it will take to earn an Executive MBA.

The Executive MBA – A Brief Overview

In her article What Is An Executive MBA?, Karen Schweitzer notes that an executive MBA is a graduate level business degree. Although there are similarities between the executive MBA and a regular MBA program, the former is primarily designed to help educate working managers, executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

How Long Does It Take To Earn An Executive MBA?

If you are interested in earning an executive MBA, one of the primary questions you should ask yourself is how long it will take you to accomplish this objective. The answer is contingent upon several factors, including which program you enroll in. For example, the Kellogg Executive MBA Program takes two years, and students have a summer break within each academic year. On the other hand, completing an executive MBA from the program offered by the Stephen M. Ross School of Business will take 21 months, with courses beginning in August and concluding in April or May.

Because most of the individuals who opt to pursue an Executive MBA are already working within their field of choice, they choose not to leave their jobs in order to become a full-time student. When this is the case, enrolling as a part-time student means that completing the Executive MBA can take much longer than if one attended courses as a full-time student. However, many Executive MBA programs make it convenient for students to complete coursework by offering many classes at night or during the weekends. Since this is the case, it is important for prospective students to do extensive research regarding the schedule for course options in order to expedite the completion of the degree.

Yet another factor that students should consider when contemplating the attainment of an Executive MBA is whether earning the degree online would be appropriate or advantageous. There are several educational institutions that now offer online degrees, and they are becoming more credible in the eyes of prospective employers, especially when the institution is accredited, established, and has a physical facility. One of the greatest advantages of earning one’s Executive MBA online is the scheduling flexibility that results from doing so. Although traditional learning necessitates that students attend classes in a physical classroom at specific times, students who opt to earn their degree online can study whenever it is convenient for them.

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If you are thinking about enhancing your business career by obtaining an Executive MBA, you should know that doing so can be personally and professionally advantageous.