What Jobs are in Software Development?

Software Development JobsHaving a bachelor’s in software development opens the door for many types of jobs in software development. While software development personnel do not create embedded software programs that need an engineering background, they do create systems and applications that people use on a daily basis, according to Indeed.

IT Analyst

One of the most common jobs in software development is IT analyst. These computer experience have a wide range of duties. Some propose critical review points and quality assurance controls for new application development projects. They may set up critical measure tests that identify system vulnerabilities. Others work with managers to establish project costs, timetables and requirements for projects. Those working in management will plan agendas and facilitate meetings designed to ensure that business needs technical needs requirements are identified throughout the design, development and implementation stages. IT analysts with a strong engineering background often work on teams that run data test, process modeling and prototyping sessions.

Malware Software Developer

These software developers focus on creating solutions for malware programs. They contribute to teams that create new malware detection techniques and solutions. These software developers will exclusively work with malware detection programs that are designed to monitor and prevent security breaches. Some malware software developers use IT forensics to reverse engineer malware by using dynamic analysis techniques. Others work with team leaders to supervise anti-malware product release cycles and development plans. Most malware software developers should have a strong background with Windows event logging, kernel driver development and API based development. C++ is one of the most common computer languages used with malware software development.

Quality Assurance Technician

Quality assurance techs support improvements, metrics reporting and data management. They work closely with quality assurance specialists and managers to drive continuous improvements in products and processes. They test, troubleshoot and benchmark deliverables. They also participate in internal audits, streamlining activities and software design meetings. Experienced quality assurance technicians generate quality assurance plans and procedures by identifying critical control points, establishing acceptable thresholds, setting up preventive measures and monitoring process. Quality assurance techs are expected to have prior experience with functional test automation, distributed application testing and automated testing dashboards. Quality assurance techs must have an equally strong background in computer science and quality control management.

Application Developer

These computer professionals are in charge of applying their expert knowledge of applications to develop IT and business applications. Beginner application developers will be assigned to specific project activities, while senior application developers will be involved with every process of the system development life-cycle. Application developers provide business support through recommending technical solutions that improve end user experiences and solve business and customer problems. They troubleshoot production issues through identifying root causes and quickly implementing technical resolutions. Some application developers provide guidance to internal or external customers with the goal of helping them become more proficient and independent. Application developers should have exemplary communication and customer service skills.

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There are many more exciting jobs in software development, such as web developer, IT administrator and system testing administrator.