What Jobs are in Healthcare Management?

Healthcare managementJobs in healthcare management range from technicians to administrative work and high-level managerial positions that earn top-level compensation. The healthcare sector is diverse by nature with various disciplines and fields of specialization. Healthcare management, which is also referred to as healthcare administrator, plays a critical role in the quality and delivery of healthcare to all populations that need care. This occupation may not be directly involved with patient care, but most of its responsibilities are geared toward ensuring that patients have positive encounters each time, and that the facility is operated efficiently.

Medical Practice Manager

Physicians and allied health professionals may establish their practice in one or several sites. The medical practice manager supervises the staff in one or all of the locations. This managers provide oversight so that each office is operated efficiently and that practices adhere to local and federal guidelines. Non-compliance with existing regulations and guidelines could jeopardize the clinic’s ability to operate and create liabilities for the physicians and professionals in the practice.

Some colleges offer certificate programs in basic management for healthcare offices and clinics, but earning a bachelor’s in health administration is the way to go if you are serious about a career in this field. Some of the bigger practices may require a master’s in management, business or health administration while others may prefer someone from a nursing background.

Director of Nursing

Also referred to as chief nursing officer, the director of nursing heads the nursing team in nursing homes, hospitals and medical clinics. As the responsibilities of nurses expand, the DON is in place to ensure quality control and compliance with health laws and regulations. As the title states, you must have earned your credentials as a registered nurse, but other certifications may be required. Nurses who are shifting their career path to find jobs in healthcare management may need to complete non-degree courses in human resources or management.

Medical Records Director

Technology has finally caught up with medical record-keeping, and the HIPAA Privacy Rule defines strict guidelines for data collection, storage, retrieval and destruction. The medical records director makes sure that the facility is HIPAA-compliant at all times even with new guidelines coming down the pipeline. The career path of a medical records director may start from a certificate program in medical records management. A bachelor’s in any of the health science will provide a better footing to gain management track.

Insurance Specialist

Much of the compensation that healthcare providers and facilities receive will be insurance-based. Insurance processing is a large part of the healthcare ecosystem. It takes a special set of skills to navigate the process of reviewing insurance coverage, filing appropriately-coded medical claims, reviewing compensation and auditing utilization to ensure proper payment. This specialized knowledge comes with intensive training on the job, but a bachelor’s degree with a health sciences focus is a good place to start.

Chief Compliance Officer

Healthcare is a highly regulated sector to protect the rights of patients, ensure delivery of quality care and minimize fraudulent claims and compensation. The chief compliance officer ensures that the practice and the facility comply with applicable regulations, according to the American College of Healthcare Executives. The compliance officer reports directly to the board or the chief executive officer. This is a top-level position that requires a stellar resume listing extensive qualifications in the legal and healthcare fields.

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As the population ages, the healthcare system will be under pressure to provide quality healthcare. Jobs in healthcare management will continue to grow, outpacing most of the other sectors, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.