What Jobs are Available in Marketing?

MarketingIf you are studying to earn a marketing degree, you should learn about the jobs available in marketing so that you can decide which career path to take following your graduation. Marketing is a growing field and there is a need for professionals in every industry and every economic sector. From marketing a new start-up online to overseeing multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, there are plenty of roles and responsibilities that you can take on and these depend on your title. Read on, and learn about some of the more popular choices so that you can set your sights high before you exit school.

Working in Market Research

When you work in market research, you can work directly for a large corporation or for a market research firm. Companies are forever trying to understand their customers and what these customers value. By using various techniques and methods, a marketing research professional will find out which tactics are successful, which niches to target and how successful a marketing effort has been. You can become an Internet Marketing Strategist, a Research Consultant, or a Research Specialist if this is the route that you would like to go. To work in Marketing Research, it is in your best interest to take a Bachelor of Science program rather than a Bachelor of Arts program.

Sales and Trading Marketing Positions

You will be involved in the selling and buying of commodities when you working sales and trading. This area of marketing can be very competitive, but for the right person it is very challenging. You can work as a sales manager, regional manager, or even a sales architect in this area of the discipline. You may also be able to land positions as a business analyst, retail marketing associate, or a partner channel manager who will communicate with partner channels to collaborate on campaigns. The best sales professionals have a persistent and persuasive character where they can compete in a very cut-throat environment.

Working in the Growing Field of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing sub-fields within the field of marketing. If you would like to promote products and services via the world wide web, you can be part of campaign deployment or managing a specific type of marketing channel like e-mail or social media. Some of the popular titles that car classified as Internet Marketing careers include: web content writer or manager, social media marketer, social media manager, email marketer, strategist, search engine marketing executive, and online brand reputation managers. Each professional can work in different settings. You may work for a corporation, or you may work independently with several clients depending on what type of position you pursue.

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There are many different marketing jobs that you can choose from. If you were under the impression that you could apply for a general position in this field, think again. From sales and research jobs, the Internet and administration jobs, there are many job profiles that come with different duties. Think about your strengths and the type of atmosphere you would like to work in. Once you do this, you can begin to narrow down your options. According to Buzzle, there are many types of careers that are growing in demand. You should take the time to look and sift through them to select the jobs available in marketing that have positive outlook.