What Can I Do With a Degree in Marketing?

A degree in marketing prepares students for a career in the marketing field. It is a versatile degree that can open many job opportunities in a variety of sectors. In order to decide if a marketing degree is right for you, it is important to know exactly what is involved in the program.

What is a Marketing Degree?

A marketing degree program addresses marketing techniques, understanding how and why certain methods work, as well as more detailed information, such as using negative space to draw the eye, or how to use social media as a marketing tool. The coursework teaches students the science behind people’s purchases, and helps them understand how to use information about potential customers to reach them and draw them to a particular product or company. Accredited programs are kept up to date as the marketing field changes and evolves with the economy. For example, programs now teach courses in digital marketing and social media, areas that were not widely available until recently.

Careers in Marketing

The role of a marketing department is not only to “sell” the company and its products, but help put the best face on the company, shape the personality of the business, and be part of helping clients see what the company can do for them. There are a variety of ways an employee can do that, whether it be to focus on web content, provide thoughtful leadership marketing pieces, or develop innovative ways for the company to stay in the minds of clients. However, a degree in marketing does not mean you have to work in a marketing department. A marketing degree is a versatile degree that gives you a good understanding of business and the science of how and why people make purchases. This knowledge can be beneficial in a number of business settings and in a number of fields. For smaller businesses that don’t have a marketing department, someone with a marketing education can be an asset, whether they are hired for a marketing position, in sales, or somewhere else in the company. For a leadership role in marketing, such as the director of a marketing department or team, you may need to hold a Masters degree. However, some businesses may accept applications from those who hold Bachelor’s degrees as well as extensive experience in marketing. Since it is a versatile degree, there are many options for those seeking a career in the field. If you would prefer, there are also options for teaching marketing. Most colleges and universities offer marketing courses and programs of study. Most colleges and universities require professors to hold a Masters or doctoral degree in the field they wish to teach. The American Marketing Association is a valuable resource for anyone considering a career in marketing, as well as to continue learning. A marketing degree can provide you with a wide variety of opportunities for the career of your dreams. Whether you work in a marketing department, or use your marketing education in another department, the degree can be the first step toward the career of your dreams.