The Top Online Soil Science Degree Programs

You might think that all professionals involved with soil science do is play in the dirt, but that could not be farther from the truth. Soil scientists have a very important role in ensuring that the earth’s crucial life cycles of growth, sustenance, and decay continue. There is more to soils than a resource for food production; they also support our environment by providing support for many of the earth’s structures, they distribute and store water and nutrients, and are the medium for waste disposal. In other words, soils support more life beneath the earth’s surface than there is above it. Many colleges and universities offer accredited soil science programs, many of which offer not only the top online soil science programs, but the best online degrees in soil science.

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Columbia Southern University – BS – Environmental Management

About the Best Online Degrees in Soil Science

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Soil Science

There are six universities that offer degrees in soil science, and offer programs that culminate in a BS in soil science. Most of these programs also offer an online bachelor’s in soil science programs, and the best online undergraduate degrees in soil science. These programs exist at Michigan State University, Purdue University, University of Idaho, University of Kentucky, University of Wisconsin – Madison, and University of Florida. Soil science has two branches: pedology (the study of soil in its natural setting) and edaphology (the study of soil in relation to uses dependent upon soil). Students who major in soil science take courses in soil chemistry, soil biology, and physics. They can expect to work in the private sector, for universities, and for the state and federal government.

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Online Master’s Degrees in Soil Science

The above-mentioned universities also offer an MS in soil science, as well as PhDs. They also offer the best online master’s in soil science programs and the best online master’s degrees in soil science. These programs typically offer specializations in the various aspects of plant and soil systems, such as horticultural science, crop science, soil science, plant physiology, and plant pathology. Plant pathology is often a separate degree in soil science programs, and has more stringent requirements for admission. The goal of these master’s programs is to lead students towards either further research careers, doctoral work, or post-degree employment. They require at least twenty-four hours of graduate course work and the completion of an approved thesis project. Most programs focus on not only traditional production agriculture but the recent national trend of expanding into broad natural resource issues.

Choosing the Best Online Soil Science Degree

Most reputable and good schools that offer programs in soil science in the USA also offer at least part of their studies online. They do this in order to increase their soil science degree rankings, a strategy that has seemed effective. They offer the best online degrees in soil science. In addition to the traditional face-to-face education, they offer web-based, online courses, as well as a combination of web-based courses and face-to-face (called hybrid). These universities believe in filling the need of busy professionals in the health fields and environmental sciences to develop new skills or earn professional licenses. Advanced careers for soil science graduates requires advanced degrees, and these online programs provide professionals opportunities to fulfill this requirement, at least in part.