Best Online Property Management Degree Programs

The field of property management offers a variety of career paths, including positions in the commercial and residential sectors. Employment and advancement in the field requires an industry-specific degree from one of the accredited property management degree programs offered by colleges and universities on-campus or online. The convenience of distance learning makes online programs a more viable choice for many students, especially busy, working adults returning to school to earn their credentials from one of the top online property management degree programs. While there are many colleges and universities that offer property management programs, completing your degree with one of the best online property management degree programs provides a more robust education, better prepares you for working in the field, and may open up more career opportunities for you as well.

About the Best Online Property Management Degrees

Online Undergraduate Property Management Degrees

best online property management dergees

Property management programs offered online confer a range of credentials, including certificates, career diplomas, and associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. While certificates, career diplomas and associate degree programs are less expensive and take less time to complete, they don’t provide the same learning experience, nor do they carry the same kind of weight within the job market as do the best online undergraduate degrees in property management that confer a bachelor’s degree. The best online bachelor’s in property management programs are self-paced, allowing students to finish their BS in property management entirely online and on their own schedule. Courses cover all major aspects of property management responsibilities and business administration and are aimed at preparing students to immediately enter the workforce as a residential or commercial real estate property manager upon graduation.

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Online Master’s in Property Management

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The best online master’s in property management degrees take the student a step further, providing the opportunity for customized learning to become an “expert” in specific aspects of property management. Online master’s degree programs are also usually self-paced, allowing students to complete their MA or MS in property management completely online and on their own schedule. In addition to the required online courses, master’s programs often have an internship component as well, and internships are typically paid positions. Internships not only give students essential hands-on learning opportunities in a business environment, but also help property management master’s degree candidates begin to build their industry-specific resume.

Choosing the Best Online Property Management Degrees

The best online property management degrees are offered by reputable colleges and universities throughout the USA. Good schools are accredited, and are often accredited both regionally and nationally. When deciding on a school, you’ll want to consider the property management degree rankings in terms of graduation rates, school and program reputation, and the outlook for careers for property management graduates from each program.

Featured Online Property Management Degrees

1. South University – Bachelor of Business Administration Real Estate Specialization
2. Ashford University – BA – Real Estate Studies
3. Drexel University Online – MS – Property Management