Best Online K-12 Education Degree Programs

Now is a great time to consider getting your bachelor’s or master’s degree in education as the environment in the world of education continues to change and grow. Because of higher-tech curriculum, charter schools, The American Competitiveness Initiative, and the No Child Left Behind Act, the demand for teachers continues to increase. People who seek to become teachers understand that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and they want to be part of ensuring that our children receive quality education. When seeking your degree in education, be sure to look for accredited K-12 programs at universities and colleges, and doing this online is now easier than ever. Enrolled in a top online program in K-12 education, you can expect to learn skills such as leadership, curriculum, child development, dealing with discipline issues, writing lesson plans, assessment, and learning theory. If you are going to specialize in one subject, you will gradually take more classes that focus in on your specialty, such as math or social studies. Next, we will discuss the best online degrees in K-12 education.

About The Best Online K-12 Education Degree Programs

Online Undergraduate in K-12 Education Programs

Before you qualify for a master’s program, you must first earn your bachelor’s degree with K-12 education as your major. Again, be sure to look for an accredited program, which is one that meets certain requirements and standards and provides students with a quality education. There are many accredited online bachelors in K-12 education programs to choose from, and the courses you can expect to take range from basic education core classes to more specialized courses suited to the area in which you wish to specialize. Online BS in K-12 education programs can be found at UMassOnline, Western Governors University, and Grand Canyon University Online. These three are all accredited programs and are known to provide the best undergraduate degrees in K-12 education, making them all excellent choices for your online degree.

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Online Master’s in K-12 Education Programs

Upon earning your bachelors in education, you may be interested in going for your masters to improve upon your teaching, expand your knowledge base, and build your portfolio. People who strive for their MS in K-12 education include teachers who wish to improve student achievement within their classroom and teachers who want to coach and serve as mentors to other instructors. The best online masters in K-12 education can be found at Liberty University, Capella University, Kaplan University, and Nova Southeastern University. Requirements for online masters degree programs in K-12 education include having your bachelor’s and at least a 2.7 GPA, although different colleges may have differing GPA expectations.

Choosing the Best K-12 Education Degree Program

Finding good and reputable schools in the USA in which to get your education degree online is a simple enough task, and if you genuinely desire to teach today’s children to grow into educated and responsible adults, then this may be the avenue for you. Although we mentioned the best online degrees in K-12 education, such as one from Grand Canyon University or Capella University, others are available and can be found by searching online. Considering the constant flux in the world of education, teachers with children as a priority are always in need.