Best Online Human Behavior Degree Programs

The study of human behavior draws from disciplines such as social sciences, psychology and behavioral theory to prepare students for careers in fields such as advertising and marketing, public relations and human resources. Accredited human behavior degree programs are available from a number of online colleges and traditional universities offering online versions of classroom based courses. The best online degrees in human behavior incorporate classes from a variety of disciplines and sub-fields, and these top online human behavior degree programs prepare students for challenging careers in both government and the private sector.

Human behavior degrees are available from a number of online colleges. Variously called Applied Behavioral Science, Applied Behavioral Analysis, or just Behavioral Science, these programs focus on the science of why people do what they do – and what this means for societies and cultures. Depending on the institution, studies in human behavior can be a part of a degree program in psychology, social sciences or health, or offered as a separate degree. Degrees are available on the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels, with opportunities at each level for specialization in areas such as leadership or group dynamics.

About the Best Online Degrees in Human Behavior

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Human Behavior

An online bachelor’s in human behavior includes general education studies as well as various courses in psychology, history, political science, multicultural studies and economics. If human behavior studies are part of a larger degree program in a field such as psychology or social services, courses focusing on those fields are also included. The best online undergraduate degrees in human behavior take this multidisciplinary approach, offering students the widest possible exposure to topics related to the major. Getting a BA in human behavior or a related field opens doors to entry level employment in fields such as marketing and human resources, or leads to further study on the graduate level.

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Online Master’s in Human Behavior Programs

An online master’s in human behavior typically includes studies in areas such leadership, personal morals and ethics, and group dynamics. Students working toward an MA in human behavior may be expected to finish their studies with a thesis which demonstrates original research in an area related to the dynamics of human nature. The best online masters’ degrees in human behavior include opportunities for group work and interaction in order to apply the concepts learned, and close advising on preparing and writing the thesis. Master’s graduates may choose to enter the job market, or pursue further study in the psychology of human behavior on the doctoral level.

Choosing the Best Online Human Behavior Degree

The best online degrees in human behavior incorporate studies from a diverse array of fields and allow students the opportunity to focus their studies in areas such as psychology, health or social science. Good schools in the USA also offer online support for the thesis project and opportunities to interact with instructors and other students. Online educational portals offering human behavior degree rankings emphasize the importance of student support and feedback using a wide range of online educational tools. Reputable online schools are accredited, and their courses are transferable to other institutions. Online study in human behavior is flexible and convenient, leading to opportunities in a wide range of fields that rely on an understanding of how humans work.