The Best Online Finance Degree Programs

The convenience of an online degree program is attractive to many busy adults. When searching for the best online degrees in finance, it is essential to do plenty of research. While the cost of an online degree may be less than tuition and fees at campus colleges and universities, a more important consideration is the accreditation status of the selected finance program.

Top Featured Finance Degree Programs

1. Ashford University – BA – Finance
2. Northcentral University – MBA – Financial Management

Accredited finance programs meet strict standards regarding quality and performance. Top online finance programs offer high quality undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities. Many graduates of online finance programs find employment as financial analysts, insurance underwriters, budget analysts or financial planners. A degree in finance can open the door to many opportunities in banking, insurance, real estate or nearly any other field of business.

About the Best Online Degrees in Finance

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Finance

The best online undergraduate degrees in finance give students the same quality education they would receive in a traditional classroom. A student who chooses to earn an online BS in finance should expect to take courses in accounting, economics, and business ethics. Online bachelor’s in finance programs prepare students for the rigorous demands of a career in the financial industry. Students who major in finance are prepared to make complex financial decisions for businesses of all sizes and structures, including small businesses and corporations. Because online courses can be scheduled at the student’s convenience, many finance students are able to work while they attend classes. Online courses help working students easily transfer their knowledge of finance to real-world situations.

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Online Master’s in Finance Programs

The best online master’s degrees in finance utilize technology to prepare students for the fast-paced field of financial analysis. Graduates from online master’s in finance programs are skilled in the use of the tools they will be expected to use at work, giving them a competitive advantage. An MS in finance can help graduates achieve promotions and raises that may not be offered to employees with only undergraduate degrees. Because all online finance programs are not created equal, students who are considering returning to school for a master’s in finance should research several online schools before making a decision. Many online programs allow graduate students to customize their learning by focusing on particular aspects of finance.

Choosing the Best Online Finance Degree

Choosing from the best online degrees in finance requires consideration of both the needs of the student and the credibility of the online degree program. Finance degree rankings are a good place to start a search for good schools, but a thorough review of all of the offerings of each online finance program is necessary to find the best match for individual students’ needs. There are many reputable online finance programs at all degree levels. Students can earn an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance online. Some colleges and universities in the USA give the option of online or classroom learning, while others offer only online classes. The best choice is the program that fits best with the individual learning style of the student.

In-depth Info on Featured Finance Programs

1. Ashford University – BA – Business Administration – Finance

Major course requirements include management for organizations, business law, business ethics, principles of macroecononmics, applied statistics, financial institutions and marketing, principles of investments, international finance, and more.

2. Capella University – BS – Finance

Regulatory reforms and economic expansion have driven growth in the financial sector, including financial analyst and personal financial advisor positions. This online finance specialization is designed to provide you the financial management, interpersonal, and professional skills you need to help companies or individuals achieve optimal returns while maintaining financial and reporting integrity.

3. Northcentral University – MBA – Financial Management

The online MBA degree program from Northcentral University prepares learners to advance to higher levels of leadership in business. Advanced coverage of classic and contemporary theory in business administration is blended with key practical skills all managers need to succeed.