Best Degree for Entrepreneurs

Opinions vary about how to prepare for becoming an entrepreneur and what a good degree is when taking the plunge into self-employment. Many have suggested that the success of Mike Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is responsible for a trend among undergrads towards becoming entrepreneurs.

Featured Degrees for Entrepreneurs

One recent study suggested that entrepreneurs’ educational backgrounds at the undergraduate level were equally distributed between business degrees and technical degrees. A BA or BS from accredited schools in Business Administration or Engineering are common for entrepreneurs and considered logical degree program choices.

About the Best Degrees for Entrepreneurs

Undergraduate Degrees for Entrepreneurs

Many desirable degree programs for entrepreneurs at the baccalaureate level offer a concentration in entrepreneurship coursework. Courses such as market research, new product marketing, advertising and management are offered in these programs. English, Marketing and IT degrees are also viewed as good choices of study for entrepreneurs. With the number of new businesses that are technical companies on the rise, a BS in Information Technology (IT) is the perfect course of study for starting a new enterprise in the high-tech sector. While a technical degree is a highly attractive consideration when venturing into a technical business start-up, marketing majors are often in a unique position to save money as new business owners since they understand the basics of how to promote a new venture. A BA in English also provides a good basic education for starting a business since the analytical and communication skills required come in helpful for any new business.

Masters Degrees for Entrepreneurs

An accepted degree that has long been considered one of the best master’s degrees is an MBA. An MBA curriculum usually offers case studies about successful and unsuccessful businesses to be analyzed by students in preparation for starting a business. The white paper published by Identified also found that according to Facebook profiles studied, there are more engineering and technical majors than business majors who are active entrepreneurs. For this reason, a Master’s in Engineering is currently considered a very good foundation for an entrepreneur. The analysis required in intellectually challenging subject matter like Physics and other Engineering courses is good preparation for the rigors faced by entrepreneurs.

Online Degrees for Entrepreneur Career

Not surprisingly, the best online degrees for entrepreneurs are business and engineering. There are many top online degree programs that cater to busy professionals who are more interested in getting a degree quickly than taking a longer period of time to accommodate the social aspects of college. It is easier to find challenging online degree programs offering a BA or BS degree in business or engineering than Master’s Degree programs. The popularity of online programs appears to be catching on with more and more schools starting to offer an online version of Master’s Degree programs in engineering and business where subjects like finance, statistics, business law and economics prepare future entrepreneurs.

Featured Degrees for Entrepreneurs

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