What Jobs Are Available in Global Business?

Global BusinessThe expansion of the global economy means that an increasing number of jobs are available in global business, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Perhaps as a recognition of this fact, most of today’s best business schools also offer MBA programs that concentration in international or global business, global trade, or multinational management. Those who specialize in these particular areas of the business field stand an excellent chance at employment once they graduate with this advanced degree, and will likely lead a major corporation as it seeks to advance its interests on a global scale. As they seek to work in this area, global business professionals will have a few common titles and positions to choose from.

Multinational Manager

One of the most prestigious jobs in global business is the one that oversees operations of an international outpost. Most multinational organizations establish regional headquarters in key parts of the country, and they select the best managers company-wide to lead those regional offices and develop strategy that will mesh with the local culture, economy, and consumer outlook. This job takes a great deal of management experience and education, and is generally considered the most prestigious job in the industry. Most managers at this level are capable chief executives, and many of them later find success in such roles for multinational organizations.

International Marketing Manager

Marketing is a pretty delicate topic for the typical global business, since taglines and approaches must be altered in order to meet the local culture and consumer sensitivities of a particular region. Those who are tasked with overseeing the marketing approach of either the entire organization or a specific regional office must understand how the company’s message can be adapted to further its interests in various cultures. Whether it’s accommodating certain religions, local social practices, or the intricacies of a developing nation, seasoned professionals with a global marketing and business background will fit into this role easily.

Global Business Accountants

Running a multinational organization is no easy task, especially when it comes to accounting and fiscal policy. A company must make sure that its operations and disclosures match up with local accounting and reporting laws in each country where the business operates. This takes an accountant who has studied not only advanced managerial accounting, but also global business. Their extensive experience and education in this area will give them the background needed to adhere to GAAP standards both domestically and internationally, and it will help the company avoid costly ethics violations, regulatory investigations, and other headaches.

Management Analysts

Most global corporations have a team of management analysts who look for better ways to efficiently run a business that maintains multiple headquarters in several different countries. Their job is to look for areas of inconsistency in global management and to make sure that those inconsistencies, which can be quite costly, are eliminated so that a company runs efficiently in every market that it serves.

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There Are Excellent Opportunities for the Global Business Professional

The global nature of the modern economy means that those with a background in global business can find success and exciting opportunities in a variety of departments and cultures. Thanks to the vast nature of global businesses and the fast pace of change in today’s global economy, the types of jobs available in global business range from marketing experts to global managers, analysts to seasoned accountants.