The Top 10 Best Large Companies to Work For (5k+ employees)

google best large company to work for in the US
Google: BRG’s #1 Best Large Company to Work For

It is easy for an employee at a large company (one with 5,000 or more employees) to feel like just another cog in the machine. Among thousands of other employees it can be difficult to stand out and easy to feel lost in the crowd. This list is of some of the large employers that go the extra mile for their employees, to make sure they are appreciated and that they share in the success of the company, whether that be offering killer benefits, top of the line pay, or amazing perks, some companies make such things available even to entry level associates. This article is part of our feature on The Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in the U.S.

Ranking the Best Large Companies to Work For

This list highlights the companies that stand out at making their employees feel like something more than just another worker among thousands.

1. Google

Internet Search, Web Application Development, Mobile App and OS development

Employees love Google, this has been well known for a long time. Google has its pick of employees, the best of the best, but if you make it through the rigorous hiring requirements there is virtually no reason to turn down the job. The pay is outstanding, the company has continued to thrive in these uncertain economic times and the company makes sure to show employees much love. The facilities are state of the art, the free services provided to employees are top notch and you would be hard pressed to find a better benefits package.

2. Net App

Data Storage

NetApp shows its employees the love with huge bonuses based on performance up to 31% of their salary. The setting is a meritocracy which makes it the perfect place for competent, hard working people. There is an on-site fitness center and the average pay for the most commonly held hourly and salaried positions is high compared to other options.

3. Wegmans Food Markets

Grocery Chain

Wegmans is a family owned grocery chain that prides itself on taking care of its family. With strong employee health programs for things like smoking cessation and a 24 hour employee health hotline, Wegmans does what it can to take care of the family. The most common positions are much higher paying than many others in the industry as well and the commitment to health means subsidized memberships at local gyms.

4. Edward Jones

Investment Firm

This investment firm has made it through the recession thus far without laying off a single employee. When times get tough that kind of commitment to employees is almost impossible to find in financial industry. The benefits are competitive as well. All this isn’t to say that the job is easy, but that those with the skills and dedication to succeed will find themselves rewarded here.

5. PricewaterhouseCoopers


On site fitness centers, subsidized gym memberships, and fully paid sabbaticals (though according to employees these are fundamentally necessary to survive the demanding hours) are just a few of the basic perks for employees of this consulting firm. The company has some quirks that set it apart as well, like the reverse-mentorship program where younger staff members help older employees understand millennials.

6. Marriott International

Hospitality and Hotels

On-site Childcare, On-site fitness centers and a commitment to the upward mobility of all staff make Marriot a good opportunity for many. More than 3,000 of the company’s managers started in hourly positions. The hospitality industry isn’t an easy one to work in, but Marriott provides its employees with incentive to do well by promoting from within often.

7. Nordstrom


A strong choice for those looking for entry level positions where high performance is rewarded. Benefits for hourly workers aren’t very strong but the average income of a sales person is $40,000 per year which is high for any retail position and only 9,000 less on average than the average of the most common salaried position.

8. Starbucks

Coffee Chain Stores

Full health insurance benefits for part time work are almost impossible to find, and Starbucks itself has one of the highest part-time work forces in the country. The work can be difficult and hospitality is a stressful work environment but this kind of treatment for part-time employees does show that Starbucks does care about their employees on some level. The wages may not be high on the surface, but full insurance coverage is very expensive.

9. Publix

Grocery Chain

This is the largest employee owned company in the nation and every year employees get stock infusions. It’s more satisfying working for a company where part of your benefits are directly tied to company performance, and that is recognized by the high level management at Publix. The grocery chain also offers the cheapest on-site childcare available, at $130 per month it is nearly ¼ the cost of any other company’s on-site childcare.

10. Recreational Equipment (REI)


Between fully paid sabbaticals (want to take Saturday off to go rock climbing? That reason alone is good enough, no need to fake sick), free equipment rentals, amazing employee discounts and a culture that loves the outdoors, this is one of the best retail companies out there especially if you love the outdoors. Did I mention benefits for part-time employees? Very strong company for those looking for entry level jobs. Managers make competitive salaries as well.

May 17, 2012