Human Resources Technology and Solutions

Technology is driving today’s Human Resources departments, and HR software systems including HRIS, HRMS, Talent Management, and the like are appearing more and more frequently on the HR wish list. Our editors demystify this complex landscape through rankings and reviews of HR software. We also help you get in touch with HR software vendors who can help provide a solution that will work for you.

HRIS, or Human Resources Information System (also HR Information System and Human Resource Management System – HRMS) refers to a system that attempts to capture and integrate a company’s data and information relating to its employees. The kinds of information such a system covers can encompass:

1. Payroll
2. Work Time
3. Appraisal performance
4. Benefits Administration
5. HR management Information system
6. Recruiting
7. Training/Learning Management System
8. Performance Record
9. Employee self-service (e.g., for maintaining his or her own information relating to employment, benefits, etc.)

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