Why Build Green

The real estate industry significantly affects human life, the environment, the economy, and numerous other aspects. Why build green is becoming a commonly asked question whereby most people want to understand the advantages of using these techniques. The primary reason is that these alternatives are advantageous in increasing the environmental and economic performance of the industry. These methods can be used during any stage of the construction process, which commences from the designing stage to the actual construction of buildings.

As the awareness of adopting ecological friendly products increases, a large number of people are trying to find ways to reduce the depletion of the environment. Associated with these efforts, many builders and homeowners are choosing green alternatives to construct the buildings. Moreover, most owners consider these environmentally friendly alternatives while remodeling and renovating their homes.

The primary factor that is causing environmental damage is the emission of harmful components in to the atmosphere, which results due to burning fossil fuels. The pollutants released due to this process diminish the quality of the air, which leads to several health hazards. Moreover, the fossil fuel burning contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer, which is the leading cause of global warming. All these negative effects are eliminated with these alternatives, which enhance the energy efficiency by adopting alternative sources of renewable energy.

The concrete and asphalt components of these buildings increase the retention of heat, which leads to Urban Heat Island Effect. This effect causes the urbanized areas to become hotter than the other areas. Therefore, using the alternative materials to construct the buildings and increasing the plantation of trees in the surrounding areas can help curb this effect.

When sufficient attention is not given to the storm water management, it leads to erosion of the waterways and flooding. Moreover, storm water may contain harmful pollutants, which can cause severe diseases thereby endangering your health. The alternative methods enable in controlling the flow of the storm water by the introduction of permeable materials and alternative roofing systems.

Most owners commonly perceive that these alternative methods of construction are costlier than the traditional construction method. However, this assumption is incorrect as the cost is only slightly higher than the normal construction cost. Moreover, the benefits of these alternative methods in the long term make these alternatives more cost efficient.

When alternative construction methods are used to construct the buildings, the operational cost of these buildings reduces significantly. Moreover, the energy costs are constantly increasing, which causes a financial burden for the owners. Thus, when green methods are used to construct the building, the value of the property increases due to the savings reaped in energy and operational costs.

The alternative methods use advantageous methods of energy, which increase its efficiency. Therefore, homeowners are able to significantly reduce the amount spent on their electricity bills. Although, the initial cost may be slightly higher, the continuous savings in the energy bills enables owners to recover these costs quickly.

The green construction method adopts better techniques that take advantage of natural lightning, ventilation, and temperature controls while improving the quality of the internal air. This increases the productivity of those people who are inhabiting the building. This is especially advantageous to commercial offices, which can witness an increase in the attendance and productivity of its employees.

In addition, to increasing the efficiency of office staff, the improved air quality provides better health for homeowners too. Sometimes the buildings may pose several respiratory diseases threats due to mold accumulation, pollutants, and other illnesses due to lower quality of air. However, greener buildings reduce emissions, provide sufficient ventilation, and use non-toxic materials, which improve the environment for all inhabitants.

These types of constructions teach sustainable practices to the people, which emphasize conserving the natural environment. Awareness about balancing the indoor and outdoor environment and living healthier lifestyles is created among the inhabitants. Therefore, you are able to enjoy improved personal health and remain fit.

Statistics show that buildings in the United States of America consume 39% of energy, 12% of the water, and 68% of total electricity. Moreover, these buildings are responsible for 38% of the total carbon emissions in the country. Why build green is an important factor to reduce the consumption of these variables and reduce the carbon footprint.