What Jobs are in Business Communications?

In today’s business-driven market, there are an abundance of available jobs in business communications. This field of study, with its narrowed focus on the communications methodology of business, has seen job growth steadily for quite some time. For those looking to get started in this industry, here are several great examples of today’s jobs in business communications.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations is the communication process that takes place between a private entity and the public. A good public relations specialist effectively handles this task as well as matters of confidentiality and ethical representation. An company’s entire image can rest in the hands of the PR specialist. Subsequently, due to the nature of this work, those most sought after for filling this role are those with a communications major.


Every day, speeches take place across the country. Politicians, companies, organizations, and even singular individuals have to give speeches on any number of topics for countless occasions. It is the job of the speechwriter to craft the most effective speech possible for the speaker and their interests. Not just a matter of writing, this important duty is laden with parameters that the speechwriter must be vigilant of. Who the audience is, who the client is, psychology in word arrangement and phrases, speech goals, time and place of delivery, and many other parameters govern the perfect speech. The communications major is a much-needed player here.


The lobbyist is yet another in-demand and growing job in the business communications sector. The profession of lobbying involves communicating and advocating the opinions of business to lawmakers. The purpose of lobbying therefore, is business advocacy to the government in order to influence lawmaking in an agreeable way. Much like speechwriters and PR specialists, the product of the lobbyist’s work is seen very publicly, but via laws and legislation.


Business communications majors are a perfect fit for most jobs in journalism. A journalist is essentially a reporter and writer. They are responsible for tracking current events, analyzing them, and then reporting on them. This reporting can be done through a multitude of media including television, paper publications, radio, photography, and more. The journalist is essentially the public’s eyes and ears on all happenings of interest or importance in the world.

Technical Writer

Technical manuals, assembly and troubleshooting guides, support documents – these are the work of technical writers. The technical writer is ultimately responsible for the creation of any literature that is technical in nature. In order to write as such, the technical writer must become very familiar with the physical device being written about, as well as all manufacturer information for the device. According to Learn.org, the job outlook for this career is excellent due to the rapid growth in modern-day technology sectors.

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Business communication, as its name suggests, is all about communication in industry – all industry. The growing need for this discipline assures those trained in it of a future sure in job security.