What is a Marketing Director?

Marketing DirectorIf you are studying for a degree in advertising or marketing and your goal is to climb the ladder in the field, you may be interesting in learning what a marketing director does. As the head of marketing, a director will oversee all of the marketing operations within an entire organization. Since directors are in charge of all aspects of the department, they need to have the creative thinking skills of a marketing professional and the business acumen of a upper-level manager. Read on, and learn more about what a marketing executive does and how to become a director in respected settings.

What is the Difference Between a Marketing Manager and Director?

You might initially wonder what the difference between a marketing manager and director actually is. After all, both professionals are leaders in the some area of business, but their responsibilities are very different. A marketing manager will manage the entire marketing department by overseeing specific campaigns and projects. A director, however, plays a more strategic role in marketing operations throughout every department in the organization and not just the department itself. The director has authority over the manager and will give the manager assignments.

What Does the Director of Marketing Do on a Daily Basis?

As a director, you hold a lot of responsibility. Even when you are not directly at fault for a failed campaign or for going over budget, you will be the one that needs to answer when initiatives fail. There are a long list of different tasks that directors perform behind-the-scenes. They will set budgets, review budgetary constraints, spot marketing trends, strategically plan the marketing mix, and communicate with sales professionals to determine how the company can get an edge over the competition. They may also review the status of a campaign, give creative ideas to managers, develop marketing plans, gather research data, analyze data, recruit marketing staff, train staff members, and maintain a technical knowledge with the latest tactics.

How to Become a Director with Formal Training and Experience

To become an experienced director, you need to possess a specific set of qualities. The best directors are great leaders, self-motivated professionals, customer-focused, strategic thinkers, and business savvy people. If you feel like you have the right qualities and characteristics to leader an entire organization’s marketing efforts, the first step is to enroll in a 4-year degree program where you will major in Marketing, Sales, Business, Advertising, or another related subject area.

After you have earned your bachelor’s degree, you will need to get your feet wet so that you can get field experience. You can start as a marketing assistant and then begin to take on your own accounts. As you prove yourself, you may then become a lead, supervisor, brand manager and then assistant marketing manager. At this point, choosing to earn a master’s degree could benefit you when it is time for a promotion. Most will either go for an MBA in Marketing or a more technical Master’s in Marketing.

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According to Glassdoor, the national average earnings for marketing directors is $124,105 based on a large quantity of salaries reported. The competition is stiff when pursuing a job as a director. How much education and experience you need depends upon the size of the company, demand, and the region you live in. Strive to get a formal degree and an education and then you can fulfill your goal to become a marketing director.