What is a Business Communications Manager?

Business communications managers are responsible for conveying a company’s internal and external messages. They prepare, publish and present written materials to employees. Most business communications managers have a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Professional Competencies – Information Sharing

Business communications managers are in charge of developing and presenting important information to internal and external clients. For starters, they create concepts and design materials for various business meetings. This involves editing, sourcing and assuring the quality of materials for public meetings, such as in town halls, and private meetings, such as global operation reviews. Business communications managers develop reports regarding operations and performance that enhance planning and decision making. They collaborate with senior executives to create official corporate communications. They work with department heads to create memo briefs and meeting guides for internal updates and external communications. Business communications managers create visuals for digital content used in intranet websites and social media platforms.

Professional Competencies –Event Management

Business communications managers design meetings and management events. They collaborate with department leadership to schedule and execute engaging stockholder, town hall and global executive meetings. They develop agendas and plan internal meetings for employees and leadership. They also collaborate with PR managers with site tours and the accompanying official company materials. They need excellent project management experience because they drive and oversee major corporate events. They define project plans, deliverables, deadlines and responsibilities. They manage event budgets, ensure that events are executed on time and recommend visual materials that support meeting objectives and corporate branding themes. They may be asked to coordinate the use of internal spaces for events and meetings with management.

Job Requirements

Most employers expect that business communications managers have a bachelor’s degree in communications or public relations. Advanced training in English, marketing and web or graphic design is recommended. Most employers expect candidates to have at least five years of experience managing large-scale events and meetings. They need excellent planning, organizing and project management skills in order to meet deadlines, design effective events and use innovative tools to engage participants and accomplish objectives. Strong editing, writing, proofreading, publishing and printing skills are needed. Candidates should have strong knowledge of punctuation, grammar and composition rules. A high attention to detail, quality and accuracy is important. A passion about improving user experiences is appreciated by employers.

Communications Degree

These degree programs are designed to help students develop strong oral, written and interpersonal communication competencies. These programs emphasize the skills needed to plan and develop dynamic and interactive websites, presentations and multimedia materials. Students learn about group dynamics, team building and resolving workplace-based communication issues. Students will understand the effects of technology, government regulations and industry practices. These programs introduce students to cutting edge media platforms and software applications that are used in PR settings and business environments. Classes cover broadcasting, mass media and persuasive, strategic and organizational communications.

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A business communications manager, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , will enjoy career stability because the field of public relations is expected to grow by seven percent.