What Does a Software Developer Do?

Software DeveloperSoftware development is a rapidly growing field of work that has sparked the interest of many, prompting the question “What does a software developer do?” This question deals with the actual development process of software and the different steps that are needed to be completed in order for a system to be developed.

Customer Requirements

The first step is for the actual requirements of the customer to be determined. This is important, because if the needs of the customer are not actually known, then they will not be able to be met. A software developer will usually work with the customer to create a list of absolute needs and a list of desires that will be worked into the functioning of the software.


According to Select Business Solutions, the next step is specification, which is essentially the action of describing the software in a very logical, mathematic way. This is the outline of the software that a software developer creates in order to provide a clear organizational framework from which the software can be derived.


Once a basic framework has been created, it will be possible to start developing the software. Most software developers will create a system of milestones that need to be reached before the next part of the process can be completed. This is to ensure that each part of the software that is being developed works fully and will not create problems later in the development process. Each step of the actual creation process will undergo thorough analysis to determine precisely how functional it is and if the next phase can be started.


The next step is to implement the program. The data with which the software will be using to function will be entered into the system to see how the software program handles it. This is basically a pilot study to make sure that all parts of the software function together on a basic level.


The testing process is much more rigorous than the implementation process. It consists of a number of different scenarios being created that will test the software to its limits to ensure that there are no bugs that need to be fixed before the software is released to the client. Any issues will be written down and then resolved.

Maintenance and Training

As soon as the program is determined to have passed the necessary tests, a routine maintenance system will be developed in order to ensure that the software continues running. This could include the development and implementation of patches, as well as general diagnostic tests that will keep the software working effectively. A training program will also be put into process that will make sure that everyone that is going to be using the client’s software is able to utilize it in the most productive manner that is available.

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By following these steps, it is possible to develop software that meets the needs of the customer within a short period of time. The primary goal of a software developer is to meet the expectations of the customer are met in a process that is as effective as possible.