What Does a Marketing Director Do?

Marketing DirectorA marketing director is responsible for managing a variety of tasks related to advertising and sales when dealing with clients each day. Handling marketing campaigns by determining and setting prices and also working alongside clients until the completion of any campaign are also duties of a marketing director. Knowing the job responsibilities and requirements of working as a marketing director is a way for you to determine whether the career path is right for you and your own goals for the future.

Day To Day Responsibilities Of A Marketing Director

Implementing marketing strategies for specific clients based on target demographic and the type of audience they are trying to reach individually is one of the biggest responsibilities of a professional marketing director.

Setting a price point is necessary for clients when you are working as a marketing director. Marketing directors are required to determine a set price point based on the type of advertising campaign you are running, the target demographic in mind as well as the distribution the client is seeking within a set time frame. The more information you are able to gather prior to researching prices, the easier it is to give your clients quotes in less time for the work you are capable of providing.

Along with setting a price point, it is also the responsibility of a marketing director to ensure the product, service or brand that is being advertised is being properly promoted by creating brand awareness. Utilizing both online and offline resources for marketing and advertising is part of the everyday job as a professional marketing director.

Monitoring and delegating tasks is another responsibility of a marketing director within the advertising and sales department of any company or business. Additionally, reviewing sales reports and ensuring sales are being generated with any campaign in place is also the responsibility of a marketing director, who works with professionals in sales, marketing and even in design.

Work Environment As A Marketing Director

Most marketing directors find themselves working in traditional office workplaces, with 9 to 5 hours. Working with clients can be done within your place of work, by meeting a client at their place of work and even by attending in-home meetings.

Education Necessary To Work As A Marketing Director

In order to begin working as an official marketing director or advertising manager for an entire company or specific clients, you must ensure you have the credentials and qualifications. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is often required to work as a marketing director. Getting a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, advertising and communications is most common for individuals who are interested in pursuing a professional career path in marketing themselves.

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Salary and Compensation

Once you have obtained a position as a marketing director, it is not uncommon to see a median salary of approximately $115,000 annually depending on the company you are working for or representing along with the clients you have yourself, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you have a passion for selling products and promoting brands and you can do so with ease, considering the option of looking into a career as a marketing director may be the right choice for you.