What Does a Hotel Manager Do?

Hotel ManagerThere is a lot more to what a hotel manager does than what you see. If you are interested in entering the field of hospitality management and your goal is to enter hotel management, learning about your responsibilities and job duties is a must. As part of the management team at a hotel, motel or other lodging facility, you will need to wear several different hats. This guide is designed to give you a basic understanding of what a hotel manager does when they are running a hotel. Read on, and decide if you want to take on the responsibilities that you are taking on when applying for a management position.

What Do Managers Do When Running a Hotel?

A general manager at a hotel is responsible for the daily operations at a single location where they work. Their main purpose is to keep the operations of the hotel running smoothly so that everything is efficient and the property itself stays profitable. To ensure that this happens, a manager will handle administrative tasks behind the scenes in addition to dealing with customer conflict. In a single day, you might deal with unhappy guests, speak with an employee when problems arise, hire new workers for positions, fill in positions when someone calls in and order new inventory when the stock is low. You will be in charge of maintenance, housekeeping, customer service, and food services if you are a general manager or operations manager.

How Do You Become a Hotel Manager?

You can become a manager with a large chain or a smaller company by either earning your formal degree or getting years of experience that will replace the need for a degree. With so many different people competing for hospitality management positions, it is best to earn a degree from an accredited program. While there is more than one type of accreditation, it is best to find programs that are acknowledged by the Accreditation Commission for Programs In Hospitality Administration so that you know that the program meets the high standards set by a third-party agency.

What is the Best Educational Path to Take?

You can start your educational path by earning a Bachelor’s in Hotel Administration or a related field first. This type of program will help you build a foundation of knowledge on what it takes to be a strong businessperson in the hotel setting. After you have earned your undergraduate degree, you can then move on to pursuing a MBA at a school with a respected School of Hotel and Hospitality Management. You best be sure to research each of the schools to see if you are required to get hands-on experience so that you choose a school that will improve your chances of getting a position following graduation.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a hotel manager in the United States is $22.50 per hour, but ranges vary dramatically between smaller properties and larger chains. It is important that you do your research and find out what the qualifications are for each setting and how much you will be paid for spending more time in school. Once you decide on a goal, start applying to schools, enroll in the right courses, and you will be on your way to doing what a hotel manager does daily.