How Will a Business Degree Help Me Get a Government Job?

govt jobAre you interested in getting a government job? There are many obvious advantages to working in the public sector versus the private sector. In addition to the fact that public employee compensation is much higher than private employee compensation for the same job, government employees typically receive better non-wage employer paid benefits, more paid time off, greater job security, higher pension benefits, a better work schedule, better retirement savings options, and earlier retirement options for fully vested employees. If you want a job that offers all of the above and more, you will need to stand out in an highly competitive sector of employment, and to compete you will need to have the right educational background and work experience.

You might be wondering if you really need to spend the time to earn a business degree just to get hired for an entry-level position in the public sector. While many people who hold government jobs do not have a degree, these employees were hired years ago and are vested in their positions. As these employees start to retire, applicants who apply to replace employees who have worked for the government for decades will need to show their commitment to the field of business by earning their degree. Here are just some reasons why you should earn an undergraduate degree with a concentration in business before you apply for a government job.

Agencies Want Experienced and Trained Replacements to Fill Positions

Many people are focused on the shortage of jobs in the United States, but what these individuals should be focusing on is just how many government jobs are available or will be available to job applicants in the near future. According to data provided by the Office of Personnel Management through the government, there are more than 2.3 million federal civilian employees, and as many as a quarter of these employees are eligible to retire.

As the baby boomers who are eligible for retirement start to leave, all of the state and federal departments are forced to post listings for available positions. The experienced employees who know their positions in and out must be replaced with candidates who are educated and experienced. The government can afford to hire replacements who possess a degree in Business because the retiring employee’s salary was high and internal candidates simply do not possess the skills the agencies are looking for.

What Will a Business Degree Program Teach You?

You might be wondering why you should spend your time concentrating on the field of business and not another field when you want a government job. This is a legitimate question, and to answer this you need to understand what business degree programs will teach you. While a business degree cannot teach you everything, a Bachelor’s degree in the field will give you knowledge on a variety of different areas in the field like marketing, advertising, human resources, communications, management, ethics, business law, and more. By studying business, you can build a strong foundation and then expand on this foundation by getting hired by a government agency.

A business degree will help you stand out among a crowd full of applicants who only possess a high school diploma. With the right education and minimal work experience, you can get a call to come in for an interview so that you can impress recruiters with your personality and your drive. Put the skills you gain in school to use, and get a government job that offers opportunities for advancement.