How Much Does A Web Developer Make?

In this contemporary era, careers in technology are booming as the internet and electronic devices have begun playing an increasingly primary role in the lives of people throughout the world. If you are considering a career in the field of technology, you may have thought about whether web development would be right for you. As a result of the fact that the field offers competitive pay as well as upward mobility, it could be the type of vocation that affords you the personal and professional growth necessary to entail the self-realization you want. By learning more about this field, you can determine whether it is the right career path for you to pursue.

Web Development-The Basics

These days, almost every business makes use of a website to advertise its goods, products, and services. To help facilitate this process, web developers analyze the data management and communication needs of their clients and create websites reflecting these unique needs. The website creation process includes implementing web site content and can also involve integrating a web site with another computer application. To move a website from the conceptualization stages to finished product, web developers translate the client’s textual and graphic preferences into digital code which enables the public to view and browse the site. Following the production of the website, the web developer is generally responsible for its maintenance as well as modifications that reflect the client’s ideological evolution or creative preferences.

As many technological experts know, the creative process that web developers go through to create the final product (a website) can vary. In some cases, developers design animation or graphics and write copy for a site independently. In other cases, a developer might work with graphic artists/animators and writers to develop an interesting and/or informative feel for the site.

There are a plethora of different ways that a web developer can be employed. In some cases, she or he may work for the government. Web developers can also work for the corporate and non-profit sectors. Finally, a developer can work on an independent basis as a contractor for a web development firm.

Web Development-Average Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income of a web developer is $75,660 per year. This translates into $36.37 per hour. This rate is considered competitive by many. Individuals who choose to pursue a career in web development should note that their salaries may be negotiable. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in web development should also note that from 2010-20, the field is expected to grow at a rate of 22% faster than average.

Web Development-Educational Requirements

In general, web developers attain a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. Additionally, web developers often find it advantageous to attain extra knowledge about web programming languages. In addition to attaining a degree in the traditional classroom setting, individuals seeking a bachelor’s degree in web development can attain one online. Doing so can be advantageous for many reasons, including the fact that you are not required to be physically present during specified times when you attain a degree online. This can be very helpful for individuals who have full-time jobs and/or families to care for.


If you are considering a career in the field of web development, you should note that doing so can be a very prudent decision. By analyzing the information listed above regarding things such as expected salary and job outlook, you can decide whether pursuing web development would be the most advantageous career path for you to take.