How Much Does a Software Developer Make?

While there are a plethora of great career paths an individual could pursue these days, software development can be a particularly advantageous path to take. It’s a field that offers opportunities for personal fulfillment and professional advancement. If you are considering a career in the field of software development, you are probably interested in learning how much you can expect to make annually. By considering this data as well as other pertinent information related to the field, you can determine whether a career in software development is the right path for you.

Software Development-The Basics

The field of software development is an immensely exciting one that is subject to innovation and change as the world of technology undergoes continual evolution. Individuals who choose careers as software developers create systems and software that can automate processes for clients who work in the fields of education, government, business, and non-profit. Software developers can focus on a variety of things, including programming various applications within a software package and/or holistic system design. Most software developers work full time. In 2010, almost a fourth worked more than 40 hours each week.

In order to work effectively and expeditiously, software developers must be able to understand the ever-evolving needs of their clients. They must also make certain that the applications they use reflect the most up-to-date practices for the sector they work within. The need for the software developer to operate in the aforementioned type of excellence is amplified as a result of the fact that the software business has multiple providers who are generally competing for business. Oftentimes, software developers will work for software publishers or computer system design firms. Others work for electronic and computer product manufacturing industries. The increasing popularity of applications (apps) used for mobile devices has resulted in a large market for developers who work independently.

Software Development-Expected Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a software developer in 2010 was $90,530. This translates into a total of $43.52 per hour. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in software development should also note that from 2010-20 the field is expected to grow 30% faster than average.

Becoming A Software Developer

If you are interested in becoming a software developer, you should note that they generally attain a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Additionally, software developers tend to have excellent computer-programming skills. In addition to attaining your degree in preparation to become a software developer via traditional learning, you can now pursue an online degree. This evolutionary learning model incorporates the student taking classes via internet rather than in a live class setting. The online learning option can be a good idea for everyone, but it is oftentimes particularly advantageous for individuals who work full-time jobs or have children to care for.


As made plain by the information listed above, pursuing a career as a software developer can be a very advantageous thing to do. By analyzing things such as annual salary and job outlook, you can decide whether becoming a software developer would be the most prudent vocational choice for you.