How Much Does a Marketing Director Make?

A marketing director is responsible for overseeing all aspects of marketing an organizations services and products. If you’re interested in pursuing a career with such a high level of responsibility, it’s logical to ask, “How much does a marketing director make?” When you are entering a formal training program or you are sifting through your options in a field, it is very important to find out how much you could potentially make when you reach your goal. Money is a motivator, especially when you earn a sizable compensation package for your hard work. ┬áRead on and find out how much you can expect to earn for handling these important marketing duties.

The Average Marketing Director Salary in the United States

The first step to researching the salary within a field is to locate the national average reported for a specific occupation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics collects data from employers throughout the nation on an annual basis in an effort to analyze salaries as well as job outlook. Based on the most recent salary figures that were collected by the BLS, the average salary for marketing directors in the nation was $120,070. While this average is based on data collected by employers of marketing directors, salary ranges can vary dramatically in the lower 10th percentile and the upper 90th percentile.

What Factors Can Affect The Salary of a Marketing Director?

There are a number of factors that can affect your salary as a marketing director positively or negatively. One of these factors is the regional pay rates that have been established in an area based on cost of living and demand. In states where the demand for top-notch marketing directors is high, a director’s salary will be high. In states where there are not many professionals or a need for many directors, the salaries offered will be lower. Regionally, New York and New Jersey have reported the highest salaries, with California not far behind.

Another factor that can affect your earnings once you are hired as a marketing director is your educational level and your professional level at the time. If you have a Bachelor’s degree, you may get hired by a smaller organization that cannot afford to pay directors a six figure salary. If you have a Master’s degree and 10+ years of experience in the field of marketing, you are highly more likely to be hired by a larger firm with a much larger marketing budget. The industry where you are pursuing a position as a director also matters. Industries that pay the highest salaries include: healthcare, pharmaceuticals, oil, and financial companies.

It is very important to get the training that you need to compete in today’s competitive job market when you are pursuing a career as a marketing director. There are several different marketing degree programs┬áthat focus strictly on marketing and marketing management, and these programs are ideal. Specialize in the field by taking all of the right courses, and go above and beyond by earning an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. If you take all of the necessary steps, you can earn a larger salary as a marketing director.