How Do You Become An Advertising Sales Agent?

Advertising Sales AgentSales agent sell specific products and services to customers, and if you want to become an advertising sales agent, you need to understand the advertising field. Though some people tend to think of advertising in terms of television commercials and radio ads, it can also include the flyers placed in mailboxes, ads run in newspapers and even the banners and advertisements spotted on blogs and websites. Sales agents need to find ways to make customers want to purchase that ad space.

Is Education Needed?

The level of education needed to become an advertising sales agent differs from job to job. While some companies hire people fresh out of high school and those with a GED, others prefer hiring agents with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising or business. Those with a higher level of education often have the chance to earn more than those with a high school degree make. Entry-level jobs often pay agents a commission based on the number of sales they make. Those with more experience can find sales jobs that come with an hourly wage or yearly salary plus commission.

Gain the Right Skills

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that advertising sales agent needs skills in four key areas: communications, initiative, organization and self-confidence. Whether you spend most of your day talking to potential clients over the phone in your office or meeting with clients in person, you need to have high self-confidence and the ability to present yourself in a good manner. Those with more initiative can go out and make phone calls to locate new clients and get them to purchase ad space. You also need to know how to communicate well with your new and existing clients and have organizational skills to keep your paperwork and clients in check.

Go Through Training

Even if you have years of experience, you will likely need to go through a training session before you become an advertising sales agent. Some companies will spend one day up to one week showing you how to use the computers and software in the office. Other companies ask you to spend one month or more training with a more experienced sales agent. On the job training shows you what the company expects from you in terms of what you do in the office, how you work with clients and whether you need to find clients on your own.

Gain Sales Experience

Though it’s possible to find a job as an advertising sales agent without any sales experience, most companies want people with a strong sales background. This can include jobs where you worked as a cashier and helped people buy groceries, but it can also include positions where you sold insurance, used cars or other types of products. The sales jobs listed on your resume show that you have experience in customer service and that you understand how to help people make purchases and keep those customers happy.

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Advertising sales agents sell advertising space online, on city buses, in newspapers and magazines and dozens of other places. They find a way to increase their sales and bring in more customers to keep the advertising company operating. To become an advertising sales agent, you need a strong background in sales and customer service, but you’ll also need to go through some on the job training too.