How Do You Become a Marketing Manager?

If you want to work in the field of marketing, it can help to learn how to become a marketing manager. A marketing manager is a professional who is responsible for supervising activities that are performed in a marketing department or marketing firm to promote products or services. The purpose of the manager is to create demand for products by setting the right price and choosing the right marketing tactics. If this sounds like a profession that you would like to pursue, here are the steps that you must take:

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

While earning a degree isn’t a universal requirement, a majority of employers prefer to hire marketing managers who possess at least a Bachelor’s degree. It is best to take a degree program that focuses curriculum on advertising and product promotion. Some of the majors that you can select when you enter school with the goal to become a marketing manager include: advertising, marketing, business administration, and sales. Make sure to take classes in consumer behavior, marketing strategy, public relations, business finance, and research.

Get Work Experience in the Field of Marketing

You can begin to search for an entry-level position in marketing while you study for your BA or after you graduate. One way to become a more marketable marketing professional is to choose a specific industry that you would like to specialize in. You can work in healthcare, sports, apparel, travel, hospitality or any of the other industries that exist today.

Once you choose the industry that you want to specialize in, seek out an entry-level position so that you can get work experience. Marketing managers need to possess experience working on marketing activities or conducting research. You can either pursue an internship fresh out of school or look for assistant roles to start. Once you show off your talents and capabilities, you can start to climb the ladder.

Consider Getting Certified

Certification is not required but it will get you attention when you are competing for a high-paying marketing manager position. Trade associations that are well known in the marketing industry offer certifications that demonstrate that you are a competent marketing professional. One of the most well-known associations is the Sales & Marketing Executives International, which offers sales-certified and marketing-certified credentials to experienced professionals who apply. To earn your credential you must complete a certification program and pass the exam.

Earn Your Master’s Degree

You do not need a graduate degree to get into marketing but it can help when you are applying for an upper-level management position. You can either purse a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing or a Master of Science in Marketing depending on what you are most interested in. In an MBA program, you will study to become a well-rounded business professional. In an M.S. program, you will receive more technical training.

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While the demand for advertising professionals is only projected to grow by five percent by 2024, employment in management is projected to grow faster. It’s estimated that 18,200 jobs will be created in marketing management by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statisitcs. Since this field growth is faster than average, now is a great time to work to become a marketing manager.