How Do You Become a Business Communications Manager?

Those who want to become a business communications manager must learn how to lead departments tasked with things like press releases, ad campaigns and the other strategic communications. Almost all positions require a bachelor’s degree with significant experience in the PR or marketing fields.

Suggested Degree

A bachelor’s degree in communications is the expected education for business communications managers. Students take advanced writing and presentation classes, so they are prepared to tackle complex or sensitive issues for their future employers. Studying public relations introduces participants to the theories and practices of professional PR companies. Students study appropriate techniques, organizational behaviors and relationship management tools.

Social media classes explore the possibilities of blogs, podcasts and platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Most of the strategic tools taught are relatively inexpensive, but they enable anyone to publish and access messages intended for a variety of audiences. Students will know how to leverage social media for community building, civic participation and advertising and marketing campaigns. Classes on electronic public relations provide overviews of digital PR applications and how to reach various audiences through public announcements and video news releases.

Expected Skills

In order to be able to successfully translate communication strategies into policies and actions, candidates will need excellent writing and presentation skills. They must be good writers because they will be creating content for newsletters, internal websites and PR communications. Some will have to write scripts for executives who must present information to shareholders regarding things like new company policies or annual financial results.

Business communications managers must be able to create simple yet engaging messages that are tailored to audiences and circumstances. Research skills are necessary in order to gather copious amounts of information from diverse sources. Business communications managers must be good team players because they must collaborate with designers, web developers and marketing professionals to create emails, Web pages, promotional messages and online advertisements. The ability to create positive partnerships with a variety of functions and personalities is very beneficial.

Future Job Duties

In their current or future entry-level positions, those who want to become business communications managers can learn how to work with partners to drive internal initiatives, develop influential campaigns and generate meaningful dialogue. They must learn how to translate industry expertise and complex technologies into relatable and compelling messages. Experience with various communications channels is important because this allows communications professionals to stay informed and prepared to adapt to changing circumstances.

Most employers expect that business communications managers will have at least five years’ experience in media, branding, marketing, advertising or public relations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They will expect job candidates to be familiar with complex technology-related solutions. Employers want communications professionals who have the ability to manage multiple projects with organized executions and strategic visions. Job candidates should have a writing portfolio that demonstrates their mastery of grammatical standards and exceptional copy-editing skills.

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To closure, job candidates who want to become a business communications manager must be highly proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint. Experience with Adobe Photoshop and popular video editing software, such as Camtasia, is recommended.