Best Online Science Teacher Education Degree Programs

Qualified science teachers are in demand in K-12 classrooms throughout the United States. A number of accredited science teacher education degree programs are available from online colleges and universities. The best online degree programs in science teacher education include general education classes as well as science-oriented coursework. Top online science teaching degree programs also offer opportunities for observing classes and for getting hands-on student teaching.

About the Best Online Science Teacher Education Degrees

Science teachers offer courses in biology, chemistry, physics and earth and space sciences, with many grade-appropriate hands-on activities, projects and field trips. The goal of science education is to introduce students to the concepts and methods of scientific inquiry and to an understanding of the natural world, the Earth and the universe of which it is a part. Science teachers come from many backgrounds, and a variety of programs are available to prepare scientists who want to teach, as well as non-scientists just entering the field. Some programs even offer coursework leading to a degree in administration for those interested in developing and running science-based programs.

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Science Teacher Education

Like their classroom counterparts, the best online undergraduate degrees in science teacher education offer options for obtaining a Bachelor of Science in teaching or education with a specialization in a particular scientific field such as chemistry. Good schools for a BS in Science Teacher Education offer both general education requirements and courses on teaching methodology as well as coursework in the student’s chosen science specialty. Some programs offer a major in the science field plus a Master’s in education which provides the training in classroom management and educational theory needed to teach sciences.

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Online Master’s Degrees in Science Teacher Education Programs

Online Master’s degrees for science teacher education are available in Science and Arts, as well as education. The best online masters’ degrees in science teacher education prepare students for careers in the classroom or in administrative positions responsible for designing science programs. Online master’s in science teacher education programs offer opportunities for student teaching and developing science curricula for specific grade levels. Getting an MA, MS or Med in science teacher education also opens doors to advanced study on the PhD level.

How to Choose the Best Online Science Teacher Education Degree

The best online degrees in science teacher education are offered by a variety of good schools in the USA and around the world. These schools offer scholarships and financial aid as well as a variety of other student support services. Reputable online education portals offer science teacher education degree rankings to help students pick the right program for their professional goals.