Best Online Political Communication Degree Programs

Politicians and government agencies rely on the media every day to broadcast campaign messages and policy changes. Political communicators are responsible for crafting effective media that reaches the proper constituents. Universities are now offering accredited political communication programs for students who want to combine political passion with practical communication studies. The best online degrees in political communication will help you transform your fervor for politics into a lifelong career.

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The top online political communication programs offer convenient, online classes that combine traditional readings with new technology, so you don’t ever have to leave your home. Colleges are starting classes soon. Enroll today.

About the Best Online Degrees in Political Communication

Online Undergraduates Degrees in Political Communication

A BA in political communication combines journalism and political science. Your courses will come from those two fields as well as public relations, law and media technology. The best online undergraduate degrees in political communication offer major-specific courses like Political Writing or Politics and Public Policy. Good schools will also help you build a portfolio of political writing before you graduate. You should have sample media and campaign pieces so you can show employers your communication skills. Online bachelor’s in political communication programs should offer a portfolio-building course and online advisors to help you select your best work. Unless you’re able to obtain an internship or entry-level job in political communications while you’re working on your degree, your portfolio will be the only thing you can show employers to prove that you’re worth hiring.

Online Master’s in Political Communication Programs

Online master’s in political communication programs award two types of degrees: Professional and academic. Professional degrees are for students who want to work in the political or government sector producing political communication. Academic degrees are designed for students who want to earn a doctoral degree and work in academia. Regardless of type, a MA in political communication can be earned in two years of full-time study. The best online master’s degrees in political communication offer multiple start dates throughout the year, flexible class schedules and offer the classes you need on a regular basis. Don’t get stuck at a program that only offers required courses once every two years. You want to graduate and get started in your career as soon as possible.

Featured Programs

How to Choose the Best Online Political Communication Degree

Good schools offer abundant information about their programs online. You should be able to see the courses required for your degree, how often these courses are offered and what each course entails. The best online degrees in political communication are transparent with information. Don’t get fooled by low-quality schools that hide degree requirements until you sign up for classes and realize that necessary courses aren’t offered every term. Also, remember that in the USA, your school’s reputation will follow you for the rest of your career. Use political communication degree rankings to get objective measurements of any potential programs. A political communication degree can earn you an exciting career as a campaign manager, government media director or political journalist. Take the time to research the best program for you, so you can enjoy future career success.