The Best Online Plant Biology Degree Programs

Getting your degree in plant biology online may seem like a daunting task, and it can be a bit challenging, but it can be done. We will discuss the best online degrees in plant biology, but first let’s talk about what it means to get your degree in this field. Plant biologists research plants and the environment, create better foods for us to enjoy, and preserve the quality of the environment. Some plant biologists, or botanists, compare healthy and diseased plants, investigate the affects of rainfall, deforestation, pollution, climate, soil, and elevation on plant and fungi life, and work as a naturalist, pharmacologist, ecologist, forester, horticulturalist, or plant geneticist. When searching for an online college or university program to meet your needs, be sure to look for an accredited plant biology program, which means it has met certain requirements and can assure a quality education. Next, let’s discuss the top online plant biology programs.

About Online Plant Biology Degree Programs

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Plant Biology

With a BS in plant biology, or your bachelor’s of science, you can expect to get a job in product development or applied research, although research jobs are a bit limited with just a bachelor’s. The best online bachelor’s in plant biology programs can be found at University of Maine and Western Washington University. You can expect to take courses in plant genetics, cytology, plant ecology, and phytochemistry, among others, with plant biology as your major. A more broad bachelor’s of science in biology, as opposed to one specific to plant biology, will be sufficient to enroll as a graduate student in a master’s program. Online bachelor’s degrees in biology can be found at Mountain State University and Western Governors University.

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Online Master’s Degrees in Plant Biology

After you earn your bachelor of science, it is recommended that you then set your sights on earning your master’s of science degree in plant biology. With your MS in plant biology, you can secure a job in applied research and also jobs in management in horticulture, pharmacology, ecology, botany, or another of the various fields listed in the first paragraph. Since biology is largely hands-on learning done in a laboratory, degrees in biology earned exclusively online are difficult to come by and may require some on-campus learning, so be sure to thoroughly investigate the programs you are looking at to be sure of the requirements. Online master’s degree in plant biology programs can be found at University of Maine, Northwestern University, Berkeley, University of San Francisco, Florida Tech, and University of Vermont, among others. Again, these programs may require some time in a lab on-campus, so be sure to research carefully.

Selecting an Online Degree in Plant Biology

Careers for plant biology graduates, such as plant genetics, forestry, and ecology, are broad and exciting. There are many reputable schools in the USA that offer degrees in this field, and we mentioned the best online degrees in plant biology can come from good schools such as Berkeley and Northwestern University. If you love plants, want to learn more about them, and you can see yourself immersed in a field that revolves around the science of plant life, plant biology may be a great fit for you.