How to Get the Best Online Philosophy Degree

People who are interested in logic, ethics and aesthetics often choose to study philosophy. The best online degrees in philosophy can offer a great introduction to the study of knowledge. There are a number of accredited philosophy programs available at online colleges and universities across the country. This is great for people who hold regular jobs and want to advance their education in the comfort of their own homes. The top online philosophy programs can prepare people for careers in management and banking. In addition, individuals who plan to attend law school in the future are often advised to pursue an undergraduate degree in philosophy. With this, people who eventually plan to enroll in law school can get the best education possible while still keeping their jobs.

About the Best Online Degrees in Philosophy

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Philosophy

The best online undergraduate degrees in philosophy offer a wide number of courses that students can take advantage of. Philosophy majors study subjects like epistemology, logic and ethics. Many philosophy courses focus on the work of individual philosophers. People who major in philosophy often take classes that help them understand the writings of famous thinkers like Kant, Hegel, Socrates and Aristotle. In addition, students who pursue a BS in philosophy can also take courses that focus on philosophical thought from specific time periods. These classes can give students a broad understanding of analytical philosophy, continental thought, early modern philosophy and medieval philosophy. Online bachelor’s in philosophy programs usually offer courses on aesthetics for people who are interested in the philosophy of art. All philosophy majors are generally required to take a number of courses in logic. Undergraduate degrees in philosophy generally take four to five years to complete. However, some schools offer an associate degree in philosophy that can be finished in as little as two years.

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Online Master’s Degree in Philosophy Programs

People who have completed an undergraduate degree in philosophy often choose to go on to graduate school. There are a number of online master’s in philosophy programs that students can take advantage of. MS in philosophy students work closely with instructors and advisors to advance their understanding of issues in the field. All of the best online master’s degrees in philosophy programs require students to write a thesis. This is usually done after several years of study. Many advanced philosophy programs give students a lot of freedom in what they study, and the thesis is very important to show what they have learned. Many graduate students in philosophy also help professors perform philosophical research.

Choosing the Best Online Philosophy Degree

Choosing the best online degrees in philosophy can be a bit difficult. Philosophy courses generally use the Socratic method in class, and this is not always easy to reproduce online. Good schools that offer reputable online degrees in philosophy will have qualified instructors that know how to create this unique learning environment online. People who are interested in studying the subject online should take a look at the philosophy degree rankings available. There are a number of reputable schools in the USA that offer philosophy programs for students. Careers available for philosophy graduates can include jobs in a number of industries that require people with superior analytical skills.