Guide to the Best Online Degrees in Organizational Behavior

Universities offer accredited organizational behavior programs for students who want to combine the fields of psychology and business. You’ll learn the psychological science that explains why people behave the way they do in organizations, and then you’ll study how to use your knowledge in a business setting.

Featured Organizational Degree Programs

Top online organizational behavior programs can be completed without ever visiting a college campus, although you’ll have the option to use campus resources like writing labs, computer training and student events if you choose. Colleges are developing online programs for adult professional students to increase enrollment and cut costs while serving a new student population. The best online degrees in organizational behavior are available now as online programs have been in existence long enough for colleges to work out any kinks.

About the Best Online Degrees in Organizational Behavior

Online Undergraduate Degree in Organizational Behavior

An online bachelor’s in organizational behavior can come in many forms. You may earn a bachelor’s of science in psychology or business with a concentration in organizational behavior, or you may be able to major in organizational behavior. Regardless of the degree’s name, good schools follow the same basic curriculum. You’ll start with general education courses like mathematics and English. If you have previous college experience, you may be able to apply earlier courses to your degree. After you’ve covered the basics, you’ll take degree-specific courses like social psychology, business psychology, team building, conflict resolution and workplace diversity. The best online undergraduate degrees in organizational behavior blend psychology and business together to create graduates who understand the neurological science behind managing employees.

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Online Master’s in Organizational Behavior Programs

A MS in organizational behavior can take many forms, just like the bachelor’s degree. You might earn a MBA with a concentration in organizational behavior, a master’s of psychology in industrial and organizational behavior, or a combined master’s of organizational behavior and human resources. At the graduate level, your coursework will vary substantially between these degrees, as will the funding available for your studies. The best online master’s degrees in organizational behavior keep records of their graduates’ careers and will share that data with you, so you can decide which type of degree is best for your goals. Regardless of which degree you choose, online master’s in organizational behavior programs take approximately two years of full-time study to complete. You’ll take classes in ethics, behavioral analysis, organizational psychology, management, business and human resources.

How to Choose the Best Online Organizational Behavior Degree

Higher education is big business in the USA. Online colleges are everywhere, as are traditional universities offering online degrees. Separating good schools from bad may seem overwhelming, but organizational behavior degree rankings do most of the work for you. Independent agencies send out surveys to schools and employers to measure graduation rates, employment success and other factors. These agencies then compile publicly available lists that determine the best online degrees in organizational behavior. Reputable schools often display their rankings on their programs’ pages. Rankings aren’t the only way for you to evaluate schools: You’ll need to consider tuition costs, class schedules and whether your previous coursework can be applied to your degree.

Featured Organizational Degree Programs